Because your future matters

We developed the new 737 MAX because your future matters. As you devise and execute plans for the future of your business, you should do so with every assurance of success. That is why the new 737 MAX combines the best of new technologies in engines, aerodynamics, flight deck and cabin interiors with the best in proven performance and market coverage.

737 MAX efficiency, reliability, passenger appeal

737 MAX Efficiency delivers 8% lower operating costs than its main competitor. The new 737 MAX Advanced Technology winglet increases fuel efficiency by 1.8%. More

737 MAX Reliability – the benefit of 99.7% dispatch reliability is that an airline with a fleet of 100 737 MAXs will avoid delaying over 65,000 passengers. More

737 MAX Passenger Appeal is found in the new Boeing Sky Interior, which dramatically elevates the passenger experience. More

Better environmental performance. The superior fuel efficiency of the 737 MAX reduces carbon emissions. The quieter 737 MAX has a 40% smaller noise footprint than today's single-aisle airplanes.

The New 737 MAX

737 MAX 200

737 MAX 200

With 20% lower costs per seat, the 737 MAX 200 brings the opportunity of affordable air travel to everyone.