Flight Operations: 2018 - 2037

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Flight Operations includes services associated with the flight deck, cabin services, crew training and management, airplane operations while in flight, and the airline operations center (AOC). Growth in the Flight Operations services market is highly correlated with the commercial fleet and passenger traffic growth rates. Commercial fleet growth is driven by economic growth, emerging markets growth, airline strategy and business model evolution, airplane capability increases, and market liberalization.

Additional factors impacting services growth include the price of fuel, changes in industry infrastructure, the rise of the middle class in the developing world, tourism levels, trade levels, environmental and regulatory issues, and the development of high-speed rail in some regions. Technology and the introduction of e-enabled aircraft into the fleet are also driving growth in Flight Operations services, specifically with respect to passenger service, flight deck tools, flight and crew planning software, and airplane health and systems management.

Market Trends

Market Demand by Region

Market Demand by Segment 2018-2037