Executive Biography of Michael P. Delaney

Michael P. Delaney

Michael P. Delaney
Vice President,
Commercial Airplanes

Mike Delaney was named vice president of Engineering for Boeing Commercial Airplanes in January 2010. He is responsible for product development, engineering design, delegated compliance, certification and safety activities for all commercial airplane models, their derivatives and post-delivery upgrades.

In this role, Delaney also retains his previous duties as senior chief engineer of Airplane Performance and Product Architecture. He also oversees information technology, export compliance and intellectual property activities in Commercial Airplanes. Delaney is a member of the Boeing Engineering, Operations and Technology (EO&T) leadership team.

As the Commercial Airplanes Engineering leader, Delaney is responsible for identifying and implementing best practices as well as ensuring that the right engineering skill sets are in place for designing, integrating, building, testing, certifying and delivering Boeing airplane products.

Previously Delaney was vice president and chief project engineer for the 787 program, leading the readiness effort for first airplane delivery, technical configuration, product integrity and safety.

Before that, Delaney served as vice president of engineering for the 747/767/777 programs, where he led the Engineering management team, which is responsible for product definition (parts, plans and tools) as well as engineering process and product improvement.

Earlier, as vice president of Commercial Airplanes Test and Validation, Delaney led the team with oversight of test and validation of all Boeing commercial airplanes and of Integrated Defense Systems products that use commercial airplanes as platforms.

Delaney also has served as chief project engineer for the Boeing Next-Generation 737 program. In that role, he was responsible for the safety and product integrity of the design, 737 product strategy, design oversight, airplane-level integration and leadership of the product development programs.

In 2002, Delaney accepted an appointment to manage Boeing’s activity to comply with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration’s Special Federal Aviation Regulation 88 for maintenance and inspections of airplane fuel systems.

Delaney began his career as an aerodynamics engineer at Grumman Aerospace. He transitioned to commercial aircraft flight testing in 1988 when he began working for McDonnell Douglas. In 1994, Delaney was promoted to principal specialist for all widebody flight test activity, and in 1997 became senior manager of Flight Test Engineering. That same year, Delaney was promoted to director of 717 Airplane Test and Validation. After the successful certification of this new model, he was given the additional responsibility for Flight and Lab Test/Flight Operations and served as 717 deputy chief project engineer.

Delaney earned a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering from Hofstra University and a master’s of business administration from the Ecole Superior de Commerce de Toulouse in 2001. Delaney was named an Associate Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) in Nov. 2011 and named a Fellow of the AIAA in Nov. 2013.