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Product developers from a wide variety of fields have come to trust Boeing for environmental testing of their valuable products in harsh and potentially damaging test environments. Boeing’s testing facilities have played a crucial role ensuring that the airliners that carry us around the globe, the automobiles that transport us daily, the satellites relaying essential information, and the military aircraft vital to defense are equal to the challenges of harsh operating conditions, including thermal extremes, vacuum, solar radiation, rain, humidity, vibration, acoustic noise, and shock.

From the earth to the skies and beyond, prove your products in the environments at Boeing.

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Large Core Arc Tunnel

The Boeing Large Core Arc Tunnel (LCAT), a provider of high-temperature testing services, is the only commercial arc-jet facility in the United States. It has a long history of designing and conducting a wide variety of tests.

The LCAT arc-jet facility supports the development of heat shield and temperature-resistant materials for spacecraft and advanced weapon systems and can accommodate wedge and stagnation test requirements.

The laboratory uses the MDC-200 Huels-type arc heater, which features a high-pressure design that provides extremely reliable service. Normal direct-current power input to the MDC-200 is variable from a few hundred kilowatts to approximately 5 megawatts. A variety of supersonic nozzles can be fitted to the MDC-200 arc heater to provide different test environments.

A secondary test site houses the T58 Hot Gas Generator, a small gas-turbine engine that provides moderate temperature flow environments for evaluating materials and thermal control schemes in a turbojet-type exhaust environment.

    Noise Test Services

    The Boeing Noise Engineering Laboratory has an expert staff and state-of-the-art equipment ready to help you isolate and measure noise and its effects. Our dedicated noise facilities and sophisticated information-handling systems make our laboratory one of the best in the world.

    The Interior Noise Test Facility features an anechoic and a reverberant chamber, and it tests and measures noise from environmental control systems and hydraulic systems.

    The Materials Test Center accommodates structural acoustics testing on a variety of components and assemblies. It houses a flow bench and impedance tubes to test acoustical resistance and impedance and Rayls.

    The Quiet Air Facility is a versatile, general-purpose hemianechoic chamber with two muffled air supplies and controls for developing and testing the design of environmental control systems and components, calibrating instruments, and developing and verifying small to medium-sized mechanical and electrical components and systems.

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