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Bell Boeing Team Awarded Joint Performance Based Logistics Contract for V-22 Osprey Support

By Juliette Yancey & Tom Dolney


In 2009, The Bell Boeing Program Office was awarded Phases 1 and 1.5 of a Joint Performance Based Logistics (PBL) contract from Naval Air Systems Command to support U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Air Force Special Operations Command V-22 Osprey tiltrotor aircraft. The contract awards total value stands at $592 million and calls for integrated logistics support for the V-22 over a five-year period.

Announced in January, the first phase of the V-22 Joint PBL contract includes program management, site activation, maintenance planning and supportability analysis, technical data, in-service engineering and logistics, training and trainer support, support equipment, and dedicated and deployable squadron support.

"The Joint PBL contract represents one more step in the growth and maturity of the V-22 program," said Gene Cunningham, vice president of the Bell Boeing Program Office in Amarillo. "It responds to the service's increasing utilization and deployment of the aircraft and enables the V-22 community to ensure that we meet the warfighter's readiness requirements."

Phase 1.5 of the contract, announced in June and valued at $11 million, modified the existing contract and is designed to implement reliability improvements on a select number of aircraft components which were determined to have a significant impact on mission readiness.

"Phase 1.5 of the PBL process is the next step in this proactive partnership between government and industry," said Cunningham.  "It will enable us to develop long-term improvements to several V-22 components that will be key to boosting aircraft reliability and mission readiness rates as we continue to mature the Osprey fleet."

The second phase of the V-22 Joint PBL contract award, expected to be announced in mid-2010, will include supply chain management for the V-22, which encompasses the purchase, repair, stocking and delivery of spare and repair parts.

The V-22 Joint PBL contract marks the first contract between Bell Boeing and the U.S. Department of Defense with both the U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Air Force customers served by one contract. PBL contracts allow the customer to purchase performance instead of paying for individual parts or services.

"Boeing welcomes the opportunity to expand our support to our U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Air Force customers through a Performance Based Logistics contract for the V-22 rotorcraft. We are proud to deliver optimized, bundled capabilities to the warfighter and maximize V-22 readiness," said Jim O'Neill, vice president and general manager, Integrated Logistics, Boeing Global Services & Support.