737 MAX Resources

Information about our ongoing efforts in working with manufacturers, regulators, pilots and airlines around the world to improve flying for everyone.

Initial actions: sharpening our focus on safety

These are the initial fundamental changes we’re making to strengthen the culture of safety throughout Boeing and the broader aerospace industry.

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737 MAX Software Update

Click to learn more about the 737 MAX Software Update, Training, and Flight Deck Displays.

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Our People. And Our Design Process.

In the design process, everything we do is to improve the safety of the aircraft, the passengers and the crew. We design with safety first and foremost, while complying with all global regulatory requirements.

Design process

Boeing Pilots Play a Key Role in Development and Certification

The Boeing culture of safety relies on Boeing pilots. The women and men who assess Boeing airplanes every time they step on board.

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A Culture of Aviation Safety and a Long Safety Record

Each employee at Boeing takes a safety promise and undergoes ongoing safety training and safety processes.

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