Employee Emergency Information

Philadelphia, PA (Thursday, March 05, 2015, 5:15 p.m. EST)

Boeing will operate on a normal schedule at the Philadelphia site for today, Thursday, March 5. It is anticipated at this time that site operations for Friday, March 6 to be normal.

First shift employees choosing to leave after 11 a.m. today (March 5) may do so infraction free.

Given current weather forecast, for 2nd Shift employees, time charging, assignment of attendance infractions and alternate shift schedules will be handled as follows:

  1. Employees arriving and starting work within 4 hours from the opening of the facility will not receive an infraction.
  2. Employees starting work 4 hours or later than the opening of the facility will receive 1/3 infraction, unless an employee’s time is charged to available vacation hours.
  3. Employees will not be allowed to begin work less than two (2) hours from the end of their scheduled shift.
  4. Employees who do not come into work may charge available vacation hours or leave without pay.
  5. Partial vacation or sick leave will not be granted to employees missing the full day in an attempt to mitigate a full attendance infraction.
  6. Employees charging LWOP for the entire operating shift will receive one (1) full attendance infraction.

We will be implementing the parking lot closure plan to allow for plowing access on second and third shift today (March 5). Boeing Security will provide parking direction during this time.
As always, please exercise extreme caution while driving and walking and allow yourself extra time to travel. And follow your state and local travel restrictions if applicable.

Please continue to check this line for updates as the site status may change. If the line has not been updated, then the information is the latest available.

Huntsville, AL (Thursday, March 05, 2015 at 4:00 p.m. CST)

At this time, for Friday, March 6, the Huntsville site is not expected to cease operations. Employees should use discretion when traveling. Please refer to the site email sent Thursday afternoon for more information.

Potomac Region

Please call the hotline at 1-800-899-6431 for continuing updates.

Employee Assistance Program

Counselors are available to any Boeing employee who may require assistance. They can be reached at (toll free) 1-866-719-5788. Internal Employee Assistance Program site is at http://eap.web.boeing.com or externally at www.boeing.com/eap

Family Care Resources

The Boeing Family Care Resources program's work/life specialists can assist employees with a wide range of concerns - such as elder care, parenting, chronic condition support, and convenience services. Call (toll free) 1-800-985-6895

Stolen Boeing Credit Cards

Contact Citibank:
1-866-869-1871 (within U.S.)
1-904-954-7314 (outside U.S.)
Provide card number, verification number (last 4 digits of SSN)

Travel Emergencies - Boeing Business Travelers

Contact Boeing Travel:
1-800-543-4284 (within U.S.)
1-425-373-2469 (outside U.S.)