Giving Time, Talent and Resources

Game-changing innovation will always be at the heart of Boeing. And just as our business has evolved to meet the challenges of a global marketplace, so has our approach to community engagement.

Through purposeful investments, employee engagement and thoughtful advocacy efforts, Boeing and its employees support innovative partnerships and programs that align with our strategic objectives, create value and help build better communities worldwide. This includes improving access to globally competitive learning as well as workforce and skills development, sustaining the environment, and supporting our military and veteran communities.

To see how we are giving our time, talent and resources in almost every region of the world, download our Corporate Citizenship Report.


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Boeing employees are inspiring students and parents to engage in active learning where a problem is solved by applying classroom lessons to a real-world challenge.

By leveraging our total resources, including corporate grants, partnerships with higher educational institutions and employee volunteerism, Boeing is committed to helping children and youth achieve their potential through educational enrichment and support programs that promote academic success, independence and economic sustainability.


The air itself is our element, so it’s not surprising that we maintain a deep commitment to protecting the natural resources we all share. Boeing’s focus on technology, innovation and environmental leadership, demonstrate our strategic drive to align everything we do - from community engagement to our products and services and our business practices - toward a cleaner world. Better environmental performance is not just good for the planet, it’s good for our business and for our communities worldwide.

As a committed, responsible environmental leader focused on healthy global growth, we collaborate with research institutions, customers, universities and governments to solve problems and educate our communities about the importance of environmental protection and preservation. Every day, thousands of Boeing employees around the world lead activities and projects that create continuous improvements in the areas of energy, water and materials conservation.

Learn more about Boeing’s environment investments in the community and environmental performance.


Boeing collaborates with the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials and other organizations to help small farmers in Southeast Asia grow plants for sustainable biofuel production.

Employee Engagement

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Thousands of Boeing employees and their families and friends volunteer their time year-round to build better communities worldwide.

Going beyond financial support, Boeing employees share their time and skills to build better communities worldwide through mentorship, community service projects and board service to nonprofit organizations.

Global Month of Service
Global Month of Service, held every July, demonstrates how we can play a significant role in our global communities beyond our performance as a corporation. Every year thousands of employees around the world give their time and talents to support hundreds of projects that help communities thrive.

Employees Community Fund
One of the largest employee-owned and managed funds of its kind in the world, the Employees Community Fund (ECF) of The Boeing Company has been empowering employees to make greater impact by pooling their tax-deductible donations for more than 60 years. Employee advisory boards provide combined employee donations to nonprofits in their community through ECF grants. Boeing pays all administrative costs so 100 percent of every employee dollar helps strengthen local communities. Learn more about ECF grant making guidelines and stories of investment.

Military & Veteran Engagement

Not only do we deliver innovative and agile equipment, capability and services to our nation’s military, we are committed to making sure that our armed forces continue to have the advantage after their service is done. From our hiring and employment programs to our grants and volunteer activities, we want to help them and their families’ transition successfully into civilian life.

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Boeing contributed over $16 million in 2013 to organizations like the USO that support our military, veterans and their families.

Humanitarian Relief

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Boeing, Ethiopian Airlines and Seattle Anesthesia Outreach partnered for the first 787 Dreamliner humanitarian flight, which brought 20,000 pounds (9,000 kilograms) of medical supplies to Ethiopia.

There is no greater privilege than helping those in need. In the face of natural disasters or humanitarian need, Boeing’s people and products are often present to help communities around the world. Working with our global network of products, customers, suppliers and community partners, Boeing is uniquely positioned to make a difference during disaster and humanitarian relief efforts and be a force for positive change. Through our ongoing Humanitarian Delivery Flights program, Boeing and its airline customers combine the delivery of new aircraft with vital relief and humanitarian missions. More than 50 airline customers have collaborated with Boeing on more than 170 humanitarian delivery flights since 1992, bringing more than one million pounds of aid including medical supplies, food supplements, equipment and clothing for relief workers, and educational materials to those in need.

Learn more about Boeing's humanitarian relief program.

Seeking Support

As a stakeholder in the success of our communities, we lead responsibly to help address challenges that are bigger than any one company’s interests. Our contributions and efforts are focused on making a significant difference in the lives of people around the world–now and for generations to come. We support organizations that are leaders in what they do, demonstrate innovation, and align and collaborate with others to achieve workable solutions to community issues. Our community investments are managed locally and grant making strategies are tailored by locations to address the specific needs of their region.

Please select your state or country to learn more about Boeing’s processes and priorities for each specific area of giving.

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The Employees Community Fund (ECF) of The Boeing Company

Additionally, qualifying charitable or educational organizations can apply for grants from the Employees Community Fund (ECF) of The Boeing Company, which has been empowering employees to pool their tax-deductible donations for greater impact for more than 60 years. Employee advisory boards work to locally distribute combined employee donations, which are made through recurring payroll deductions or one-time gifts, to nonprofits in their community. Boeing pays all administrative costs so 100 percent of every employee dollar helps strengthen local communities.

ECF grants have gone toward community projects such as aiding the homeless, stocking food banks, helping at-risk children succeed in school, providing job training for the unemployed, funding critical health services, supporting veterans programs and more.

  • ECF makes grants to U.S.-based IRS 501(c)(3) qualified charitable or educational organizations
  • U.S. organizations need a 501(c) (3)-qualified tax ID number to apply.

Find your state or region below for specific ECF grant making guidelines.

Feature Stories

'Bring out the Good:' Students find inspiration at Boeing-supported WE Day

'Bring out the Good:' Students find inspiration at Boeing-supported WE Day

April 28, 2015 in Community, Commercial

Students and teachers in Washington state celebrate a year’s worth of leadership and good work in their schools and communities at the high energy, celebrity-infused Seattle We Day.

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Naval Academy Wins 2015 Service Academy Capstone Project

Naval Academy Wins 2015 Service Academy Capstone Project

May 8, 2015 in Defense

Boeing challenged teams from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, the U.S. Naval Academy and the U.S. Air Force Academy to engineer energy independence for forward operating bases by 2040.

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Students Launch into Learning

Students Launch into Learning

May 19, 2015 in Technology, Community

A little wood, tape and glue go a long way to inspire future innovators at the Boeing Engineering Challenge in St. Louis.

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A Riveting Start to a Career

A Riveting Start to a Career

February 17, 2015 in Community

Boeing and community partners have teamed up to provide free training programs in sheet metal assembly, composites and electrical work in order build up a pool of Boeing assembly mechanic candidates near St. Louis.

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Boeing's Humanitarian Delivery Flight Program Soars

Boeing's Humanitarian Delivery Flight Program Soars

February 13, 2015 in Community

Nearly 50 airlines participate in the program by using the cargo holds of brand-new airplanes to transport much-needed aid, such as defibrillators and antibiotics, around the world.

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Boeing Volunteers Honor Veterans by Rebuilding their Home

Boeing Volunteers Honor Veterans by Rebuilding their Home

November 11, 2014 in Community

Boeing volunteers converge on an apartment complex to rebuild not only cracking sidewalks, but also the spirit of the veterans who live there.

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On a Roll: Boeing Helps Spread Goodwill by the Truckload

On a Roll: Boeing Helps Spread Goodwill by the Truckload

October 10, 2014 in Community

More than 40,000 community partners nationwide count themselves as beneficiaries of giving from Boeing and its employees.

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Scanning the Field

Scanning the Field

June 9, 2014 in Community, Defense

Students in the Unmanned Aircraft Systems degree program at the University of North Dakota are logging hours on a Boeing/Insitu Scan Eagle simulator, jumpstarting their careers.

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Blue Angels Show STEM Spirit

Blue Angels Show STEM Spirit

May 8, 2014 in Community

Thousands watch in awe as the Blue Angels perform at the Spirit of St. Louis Air Show, inspiring the aviators of tomorrow.

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