Customer Operations Support Center

Customer Operations Support Center

When you choose a Boeing satellite, Boeing’s Customer Operations Support Center (COSC) is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, ready to support your unique needs.  Whether it is telemetry monitoring and data analytics or real time anomaly containment and resolution, the Customer Operations Support Center understands the need for a quick response to keep your satellites flying so you can focus on achieving your mission and business goals. 

The Customer Operations Support Center managers provide direct access to the Boeing engineering team who designed and built your satellite to provide rapid responses to your operational questions and potential issues.  We understand your satellite and can quickly diagnose potential issues, move through the root cause analysis process to address your operational concerns.  We work hand-in-hand with your engineering and operations teams to ensure everyone understands and agrees with the path forward in every situation.

The Customer Operations Support Center is also part of your insurance team, helping you to prepare initial insurance briefings as well as Q&A responses for anomaly reports.

Providing training to customer engineering and operations teams is another component of the Customer Operations Support Center support. Subject matter experts (SMEs) within the Boeing engineering team can deliver training content during the satellite production phase to promote customer knowledge and readiness for their specific satellite’s operations. In addition, refresher and update training is available to the customer after production.

The Customer Operations Support Center remains by your side to help you find ways to extend the life of your satellite by offering extended support services. Our team can help to prolong the revenue stream from an aging satellite and provide extended emergency response services, if desired. When it comes time to retire your satellite, we are also there to assist in the end of life decommissioning operations of the satellite to ensure the preservation of the protected geosynchronous zone for all.

With stellar payload technology performance and world-class after sales service, Boeing and the Customer Operations Support Center stand ready to support your mission.