Technology Licensing from an Innovative Leader

Boeing is committed to technology leadership, to expanding possibilities for human life in ways not yet imagined. We are a recognized leader in innovation and our technology helps connect and protect people around the world.

Our Intellectual Property portfolio creates a business advantage for us and our partners, helping us compete globally. It also allows us to share our technology with other companies to help them accelerate their innovation.

Through licensing we are committed to mutually beneficial innovation, for our customers, partners and suppliers, as well as companies in other industries.

Aerospace Licensing Programs

Boeing shares critical technology and information with our customers, suppliers and partners through licensing. To start working with us or learn more, please complete the appropriate licensing questionnaire:

  • For manufacturers, end users or maintenance providers of flight training devices, complete the Simulator Licensing Questionnaire.
  • For all other inquiries, including maintenance, repair and overhaul, modifications and other licensing programs listed below, complete the Licensing Questionnaire.
  • If you have any questions, please contact us via email.

Below are some of the licensing programs we offer:

MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul) – Access to maintenance data and technical support for MRO work for certificated repair stations

Modifications – Access to aircraft data and technical support for modification work (STCs and major alterations)

Boeing Qualified Processors – Access to process specifications (Product Standards Data System) for Boeing Qualified Processors

Simulators – Access to flight and maintenance data for manufacturers, end users, and maintenance providers of flight training devices

Boeing Business Jets – Access to data to support interior modifications on Boeing Business Jets

Passenger to Freighter Conversions – Access to data and technical support for passenger to freighter conversions

Ground Support Equipment – Access to data and technical support for manufacture of GS

Aircraft Management – Access to data and technical support for managing MRO of aircraft, managing spare parts, and continuing airworthiness (CAMO) activities

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Boeing software solutions offer an advantage for any company focused on supply chain planning, requirements exchange, document management, content security and improved collaboration.

The Boeing Simplified English Checker helps writers comply with ASD Simplified Technical English (STE) standards. It uses a powerful syntactic parser with a robust grammar checker of over 400 English-syntax rules. Checker reports are based on full structural parses of English sentences. No other Simplified TechnicalEnglish checker is as complete or accurate in support of Simplified Technical English requirements.

CIPHER is a stand-alone Windows application that examines electronic documents for possible incidents of hidden information. CIPHER locates, reports and resolves these occurrences, and ensures that hidden information is not inadvertently included and transmitted with a file.

Electronic Procurement Information Center (EPIC) is a web-based document management and procurement process application that is a centralized repository for procurement documents, fulfillment records, supplier information, and supporting documentation. EPIC enables users to view, upload, print and fax procurement documentation. EPIC provides access to centralized case file management, and fulfillment records

The Customer and Supplier Data Transmittal system provides off-the-shelf, web-based software that streamlines the exchange of information between government organizations, contractors and suppliers. CSDT’s standardized solution can be used across multiple programs and segregates data between program government users and supplier companies.

Boeing Collaborative Document Reviewer (BCDR) is a web-based, real-time collaborative system that supports shared document review and approval. The powerful workflow engine allows for role based approvals and high speed collaboration with integrated intelligent annotation.

For more information on software contact

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Boeing has thousands of current and historical images and videos available for licensed commercial use, or to order as framed prints. Please visit

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