Cybersecurity & Intelligence Messaging

Cybersecurity & Intelligence Messaging

Advance to Trusted Protection

Protect your networks and get more out of your data with Boeing Mission Operations, a comprehensive suite of interactive solutions. Manage the deluge of data, understand the meaning and relevance of patterns in the data stream, and act on information that’s available whenever you need it.

These systems’ capabilities are trusted within the U.S. Department of Defense and intelligence communities, enabling the flawless and efficient execution of our country’s most important missions.

No matter how big or small your networks, Boeing Mission Operations solutions can be scaled to cost-effectively deliver the protection you need.

Boeing HardwareWall

Boeing HardwareWall data-transfer security system achieves U.S. government certification

Raise the Bar certification from U.S. National Security Agency demonstrates the Boeing HardwareWall’s merit.

Boeing’s investment in digital advancement is proven in the industry. It’s now being recognized by the U.S. government, as Boeing’s cross-domain data-transfer security system achieves a new certification.

The Boeing HardwareWall meets the current design, implementation and use requirements of the U.S. National Security Agency’s Raise the Bar initiative. Raise the Bar is a strategy aimed at improving the cybersecurity of all cross-domain solutions used to protect U.S. government classified information as well as those being sold for export.

“HardwareWall is more capable, secure, and provides better value to customers than other cross-domain solutions,” said Ann Stevens senior director, Maritime Undersea. “The Raise the Bar certification confirms that HardwareWall is a trusted product providing a great level of fidelity and visibility during operations.”

With some of the highest data transfer rates in the industry, HardwareWall quickly and securely shares data. Built for customer objectives, it supports numerous protocols in both classified and unclassified formats for the military, security, and law-enforcement. Physically, it is lightweight and compact, yet can withstand extreme weather and temperature conditions. 

“Our customers depend on HardwareWall to stay ahead of emerging threats,” said Stevens. “Cyber-attacks are a constant threat for government agencies. Our cross-domain solution being in compliance with the NSA’s certification shows the commitment we have to cybersecurity excellence.”

HardwareWall greatly reduces the time and labor required to transfer data to and from mission operations environments, while providing the highest degree of security.

Mission Operations Products


HardwareWall® (HWW) is a Raise the Bar cross-domain solution that provides the secure and efficient transfer of data with physical separation, virus protection and enforcement of data-handling policy between otherwise disconnected networks.

Security Monitoring Infrastructure System
Security Monitoring Infrastructure System

The Boeing Security Monitoring Infrastructure System (SMIS) is a cybersecurity and network situational awareness tool pre-integrated with signature, behavioral and algorithmic network security and traffic anomaly detectors.

Multimedia Message Manager
Multimedia Message Manager

The Multimedia Message Manager (M3) is a proven messaging capability for real-time inbound and outbound data dissemination that is Information Transport Service-compliant to meet Office of the Director of National Intelligence and Department of Defense messaging requirements.

Execute With Confidence

Amplify the performance of your mission with Boeing Mission Operations.

The Mission Operations portfolio seamlessly integrates modular products and mission-enabling capabilities to connect and protect your assets. This automation of mission operations can unleash the full potential of your efforts to protect what’s most important.

Mission Operations provides:

  • Cyber and information security.
  • Situational awareness.
  • Mission task management.
  • Intelligence messaging.

These capabilities enable the automation of low-complexity mission operations and the augmentation of high-complexity analysis, helping you execute your missions effectively and efficiently.


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Our team has proven experience in every phase of the Tasking, Collection, Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination (TCPED) cycle, thus developing a deep understanding of your missions and how to maximize your performance.

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Our approach is platform and payload agnostic, isolating the platform and payload command and control interfaces to be compatible with any of your existing capabilities.

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Our solutions are designed with the future demands of the mission in mind, enabling flexibility for expansion. As additional assets join the mission space, they can be seamlessly integrated into the architecture.

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With direct access to the breadth and depth of the entire Boeing Company, we bring innovative, cutting-edge technologies into the mission space.

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We bring the experience required to help you see the big picture in the intelligence value chain and maximize mission performance.

The Trusted Leader

With Boeing, you get:

  • Nearly 50 years of heritage experience in every piece of the TCPED cycle, with a deep understanding of the mission.
  • Experience bringing cutting-edge innovation to the mission space.
  • Proven experience to look at the 30,000-foot view of the value chain.


Cybersecurity & Intelligence Messaging
  • Platform-agnostic approach
  • Isolated platform or payload command and control approach
Cybersecurity & Intelligence Messaging
  • Multifaceted opportunity overlays
  • Real-time deconfliction or reprioritization
Cybersecurity & Intelligence Messaging
  • Built-in integration points to accommodate additional platforms over time
Cybersecurity & Intelligence Messaging
  • Reusable algorithms to reduce error and labor
  • Timely and secure delivery to analysts
Cybersecurity & Intelligence Messaging
  • Measures collection satisfaction to optimize future collection strategy
Cybersecurity & Intelligence Messaging
  • Secure, fast and audited
  • Metadata enriched (natural language processing, geotagged, temporal)

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