T7-A on tarmac

T-7A Red Hawk

The only digital, next-generation trainer on the market that meets modern training and low-cost needs

The T-7A Red Hawk is an all-new Advanced Pilot Training System (APTS) for the U.S. Air Force, with flexibility to evolve as technologies, missions and training needs change.

Digitally designed, built and tested, the T-7A is a low-risk, leading-edge, live, virtual and constructive fifth-generation aircrew training system that delivers a multi-generational leap in capability to revolutionize and reinvigorate fighter pilot training.

A Multi-generational Leap in Pilot Training

The T-7A Red Hawk is the only digital, next-generation trainer on the market that possesses military certification and meets modern training, low-cost needs. Its digital design enables the cost-effective integration of advanced training capabilities that will drastically improve pilot training for the next generation of fighter and bomber pilots.

The T-7A enhances warfighter training through:

  • Improved pilot readiness: The all-new advanced pilot training system uses high resolution ground-based training systems and simulators to deliver robust and realistic integrated live, virtual and constructive training capabilities.
  • Safety: Model-based engineering enabled testing throughout the aircraft’s design and build help ensure safety before the first flight. The T-7A’s cockpit egress system is the safest of any trainer.
  • Flexibility for any mission: With an Open Mission Systems architecture and digital fly-by-wire controls, the T-7A supports training for a wide variety of fighter and bomber pilots and can evolve as technologies, threats and training needs change.

“The T-38 is a true workhorse training Air Force fighter and bomber pilots for Air Education and Training Command, but the T-7A Red Hawk is a game changer, providing advanced mission systems, a glass touchscreen cockpit, stadium seating, and embedded training capability.”

– Col. Kirt Cassell, U.S. Air Force T-7A program manager

T-7A takeoff

T-7A Red Hawk Technical Specifications

Span 30.60 ft
Centerline Length 46.0 ft
Overall Length 47.73 ft
Max Cross Section (With Acap) 37.7 ft2
Engine (As Drawn) F404 Afterburning
Fuel: Fuselage 4,500 lbs
Expected Aircraft Performance / Envelope tested (as of Oct. 2023)
Max Mach
Max Alt
Max AoA
Max G
45 K ft.
8 G

A Fully Integrated Training System

T-7A integrated training system

The T-7A represents the cornerstone of the complete Advanced Pilot Training System, which includes state-of-the-art ground-based training, the most advanced visual display systems ever fielded in a simulator and Integrated-Live, Virtual and Constructive (I-LVC) and Embedded training.

The system is designed so that it can operate without a ground station or for untethered operations, which:

  • Allows multiple aircraft to fly cooperatively or fly against one another
  • Allows aircraft to fly against ground simulators
  • Allows multiple pre-programmed mission scenarios which can be selected on the fly from the cockpit or controlled from the ground by a mission coordinator

Students flying in the T-7A Red Hawk benefit from enhanced situational awareness, improved decision making, realistic preparation, improved safety and increased confidence compared to other training solutions.

Enabling Operational Readiness

With its purpose-built design, ease of access to maintenance panels and avionics compartments and increased reliability, the T-7A greatly reduces the impact of planned and unplanned maintenance to increase pilot proficiency, safety and force readiness.

Additionally, the Red Hawk is designed around common subsystems with 4th and 5th-gen aircraft to allow for the use of existing maintenance infrastructure, further simplifying maintenance and sustainment for lower life cycle costs.

T-7A on runway



    Feature Stories


    T-7A NEWS

    Date News Release
    Nov 9 2023 First Boeing T-7A Red Hawk Arrives at Edwards Air Force Base to Begin U.S. Air Force Flight Testing
    Sep 20 2023 USAF Accepts First T-7 Aircraft
    Sep 13 2023 Boeing, Red 6 Complete First Augmented Reality Test Flight
    Jun 28 2023 Boeing Completes T-7A First Flight With U.S. Air Force
    Jun 20 2023 Boeing T-7A Red Hawk Completes Taxi Tests
    Feb 28 2023 Boeing Proposes T-7 Advanced Trainer for Australia’s Future Defence Pilots
    Sep 21 2022 Boeing, Red 6 to Advance Fighter Pilot Training with Augmented Reality
    Jun 16 2022 Final Boeing-Saab T-7A Red Hawk Development Jet Comes Together
    Oct 13 2021 Boeing T-7A Teammate Saab Opens New U.S. Facility
    May 13 2021 First T-7A Red Hawk Joined in Record Time, Thanks to Digital Design
    Feb 23 2021 Boeing Begins T-7A Red Hawk Advanced Trainer Production
    Dec 1 2020 Boeing Starts Production of T-7A Weapons Systems Trainers, Operational Flight Trainer
    Sep 14 2020 SECAF unveils new “eSeries” classification in nod to Department’s digital future
    Feb 27 2020 Boeing T-7A Crew Shuts Off, Restarts Engine in Flight to Demonstrate Reliability
    Oct 24 2019 Boeing T-7A Awarded Aviation Week’s “Game Changer Award”
    Sept 27 2018 Boeing Wins U.S. Air Force T-X Pilot Training Program Contract
    Sept 18 2017 Saab Offers U.S. Based Production Capability for T-X Trainer Aircraft
    Sept 15 2017 Boeing Selects Triumph Group as Major Supplier for its U.S. Air Force T-X Offer
    May 15 2017 Boeing Assembly of Air Force T-X in St. Louis to Support 1,800 Jobs
    April 24 2017 Second Boeing T-X Aircraft Takes Flight
    Dec 20 2016 Boeing T-X Completes First Flight, Validates Design for Air Force Requirements
    Sept 13 2016 Boeing Reveals First Two Aircraft for U.S. Air Force T-X Competition