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Boeing History

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100 years of Aviation Week

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A Century in the Sky

Born about one hundred years ago, the aerospace industry changed the way we travel, move our goods, and protect our nations during times of war.

The Age of Aerospace Series

An epic eight-part documentary series 100 years in the making.

Explore the Defining Moments of Boeing’s Past

The Boeing Archives houses a vast collection of Boeing artifacts that illustrate the defining moments of our past. "The Boeing Archives Presents" brings to life our history through the photos, film, documents and relics that preserve our company's journey. Maintained to capture where we've been and influence where we're going, the Boeing Archives is one of the largest collections of its kind anywhere in the world.

    Historical photo of the air transport command magic carpet airplane.

    Products Through Boeing History

    During the last 100 years, humans went from walking on Earth to walking on the moon. They went from riding horses to flying jet airplanes. With each decade, aviation technology crossed another frontier, and with each crossing, the world changed.

    Boeing Chronology

    Boeing History Chronology

    Learn more about our history in the Boeing Chronology.

    Aerospace Pioneers

    View biographies of the presidents and chief executive officers of Boeing and its heritage companies, such as McDonnell Douglas, North American Aviation, Hughes, Jeppesen, Piasecki and Stearman.

    Historical photo of William Boeing

    Founders Videos

      Boeing Historical Services

      The Historical Services team is tasked with preserving the history of Boeing and all its heritage companies, representing Boeing to the media, and maintaining a lasting record of employee and team accomplishments. Historical Services oversees the Boeing Archives in Auburn, Washington, and St. Louis, as well as the James S. McDonnell Prologue Room museum in St. Louis.

      For more information or to inquire about a donation to the archives, please send an email to historicalservices@boeing.com.