Urban Air Mobility

Concept of Operations (ConOps)

Concept of Operations

Boeing and its joint venture, Wisk, have partnered to release a Concept of Operations (ConOps) for uncrewed passenger-carrying urban air mobility (UAM) operations using highly-automated, electric aircraft. This release includes a summary and detailed ConOps documents.

While the ConOps is presented within the context of the United States National Airspace System (NAS), it is intended to provide a blueprint for global UAM operations. The ConOps is for the safe initiation of uncrewed UAM passenger operations in the NAS by the end of this decade, while providing a stepping stone to the goal of transitioning to high-throughput operations in the years to follow.

This ConOps outlines the key principles and assumptions for UAM aircraft, the operational environment, and normal operations. The Boeing and Wisk ConOps extends existing airspace concepts and covers uncrewed UAM aircraft, fleet operations centers, third-party service providers, vertiports and vertiport managers, and airspace infrastructure. Ultimately, public acceptance of uncrewed UAM operations will be the crucial component to scaling the market.

As we build together, the industry will change shape and evolve. We invite your inputs and feedback to this ConOps for uncrewed UAM.

Please send an email with feedback to urbanairmobility@boeing.com.

Disclaimer: Please do not include any confidential information because all feedback will become the property of The Boeing Company.

Concept of Operations for Uncrewed Urban Air Mobility V2.0
Summary Document
Detailed Document