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Going With the Flow

Curiosity inspires engineer to build his own wind tunnel

Engineer designs his own wind tunnel to collect data for five force components, including lift, drag, pitch, roll and yaw.

Lightening the Launch Load

Satellite structures lighten up with inventive use of additive manufacturing

A Boeing team designs a 3D-printed, metallic satellite structure to lower the parts count, reduce assembly time and eliminate secondary labor. 

Deputy chief engineer stands in front of P-8 Poseidon aircraft

Pathways to Poseidon

Engineering executives share their steps to success

Leading P-8 Poseidon teammates to produce new aircraft, three engineers believe diverse, collaborative, inclusive teams drive technical excellence and innovation. 

Featured Stories

Contact Centennial

Over the past century, aerial refueling has evolved into the backbone of military aviation.

X-66A: Bracing for the Next Big Wing

Boeing engineers share early ideas for airplane with high, long, thin wings braced by diagonal struts, or trusses, attached to the fuselage.

Wonderful Whirl

Watch an MH-139A Grey Wolf land at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio. 

New IQ: Keeping the Wonder in Engineering

Innovation Quarterly tells of engineers who are transforming their knowledge from outside pursuits into new ideas for additive manufacturing, aircraft design, autonomy and more.

Novel Network

Deployable, secure radio network has potential to improve military readiness.

Long Way Home

Boeing-built Pacific Clipper flies 31,500 miles west-to-east from San Francisco to New York City.

Space to Sea: Low Earth Orbit to Ocean Dominance

Boeing teammates are developing the U.S. Navy’s Extra Large Uncrewed Underwater Vehicle, the world’s largest autonomous submarine.

Augmented Reality: Check

Boeing and augmented reality developer Red 6 are collaborating on aerial-dogfighting training technology for advanced tactical aircraft.

Direct Connection

New device transfers airplane data quickly to help airlines evaluate and monitor the health of their fleets.

Liquid Asset: The Way to Net Zero is Fluid

Boeing will use jet reference fluids to understand how airplane materials interact with 100% sustainable aviation fuels.

At the Ready

Remembering the B-25 Mitchell on the anniversary of V-J Day

First Ascent

Thirty years ago, the original reusable rocket blazed the trail for today’s spacecraft.

‘I Would Not Be Here Today Without the Invictus Games’

The turning point was encouragement from her 8-year-old daughter to apply for the Invictus Games.

Safe Flight for a 5G World

An effort is underway to ensure that new 5G cellular technology can safely coexist with the operation of aircraft of all types.

Trend Analysis: Long-Term Look

Discover how to become a master trendspotter — and trendsetter.

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