MQ-28 first flight taking off from tarmac



It’s a challenge we didn’t take lightly. How can you extend and expand the capabilities of some of the world’s most elite airpower systems?

By multiplying their capabilities – and exponentially increasing their ability to project force as a result.

The Boeing MQ-28 is a new uncrewed aircraft using artificial intelligence to be that force multiplier.

It’s designed to work as a smart team with existing military aircraft to complement and extend airborne missions.

The MQ-28 has enough capability to get the job done – from ISR to tactical early warning and more – but with a low-cost design that allows operators to confidently put it on the front line.

That’s airpower reimagined.


Airpower Reimagined

The Boeing MQ-28 will provide a disruptive advantage for allied forces’ crewed and uncrewed missions. It will:

  • Provide fighter-like performance, measuring 38 feet long (11.7m) and able to fly more than 2,000 nautical miles.
  • Integrate sensor packages onboard to support intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, tactical early warning missions and more.
  • Use artificial intelligence to fly independently or in support of crewed aircraft while maintaining safe distance between other aircraft.

Global System

The Boeing MQ-28 is the company’s first uncrewed system to be designed and developed in Australia.

Designed to provide a transformational capability for global defense customers, it is the company’s largest investment in a new uncrewed aircraft program outside the United States. This purpose-built aircraft can be missionized to suit country-specific needs.

  • This newest addition to Boeing’s defense portfolio will be a force multiplier for global customers.
  • The Boeing team in Australia has developed a completely new uncrewed production-ready system, with the inclusion of Australian suppliers.
  • Boeing has invested in a purpose-built system that leverages advanced manufacturing and digital production capabilities.
  • The program uses Boeing’s global R&D expertise, as well as a strong industry team of agile global suppliers, with the ability to support national prosperity and sovereignty objectives.