Broad Expertise, Integrated Systems

Boeing’s expertise spans a broad range of products in defense. Fighter jets, rotorcraft, embedded product support, cybersecurity products, surveillance suites, advanced weapons, missile defense and commercial aircraft derivatives all fit in Boeing’s portfolio. The company can leverage this holistic knowledge and deliver the value of those integrated systems to its customers.

Defense  Features

Boeing awarded nearly $1 billion for air and missile defense

January 13, 2021 in Defense

Boeing to modernize, expand production for key air and missile defense component in Huntsville, Alabama


Chinook T408 engine demo continues

December 11, 2020 in Defense

The U.S. Army CCDC AvMC, Boeing, and GE Aviation expanded the flight envelope in their demonstration of a Chinook helicopter with GE Aviation’s T408 engine at Ft. Eustis, Va.


Weapons drop demo prepares the B-1 to carry the payloads of the future

December 09, 2020 in Defense

The Boeing B-1 recently performed an external weapons drop validating that the aircraft is capable of delivering future ordinance externally.


Boeing delivers first upgraded compact lasers to DoD customer

December 09, 2020 in Defense

The upgraded units will provide enhanced protection against unmanned aircraft systems.


ICBM guidance team receives sky-high marks from the Air Force

November 16, 2020 in Defense

Boeing’s intercontinental ballistic missile guidance subsystem support team has received a nearly perfect performance rating from the U.S. Air Force.


AEW&C Open Mission Systems validated in operational environment

November 09, 2020 in Defense, Technology

The Airborne Early Warning & Control (AEW&C) platform took another step forward in the drive toward validating an open mission systems (OMS) approach on this midsize jet-powered aircraft.

In collaboration with Northrop Grumman, Boeing recently conducted two flight tests on a test bed aircraft, once again marrying the OMS-compliant battle management command and control (BMC2) system to Northrop Grumman’s advanced, wide-band active electronically scanned array (AESA).


50 years on alert: By the numbers

October 28, 2020 in Defense

The Boeing team at Little Mountain Test Facility recently earned back-to-back perfect performance ratings from Air Force for outstanding facility operations and maintenance work.


Government Services

Boeing’s unrivaled knowledge and global presence drives mission-focused services that meet readiness, deliver reliability and provide affordability.