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For more than 100 years, Boeing and its customers have created the future of aerospace and defense – from the earliest days of aviation to the highly sophisticated and integrated systems of today. This trusted partnership continues as defense customers once again look to Boeing to help them solve their toughest challenges. Boeing launched the industry’s digital transformation and continues to apply and scale the latest technologies to put new capabilities in the hands of warfighters at the speed of relevance.

From virtualizing and simulating requirements to digitally engineering and fine-tuning designs ahead of build, and using data insights to solve maintenance issues before they arise, customers continue to rely on Boeing to stay ahead of rapidly evolving threats.

Defense  Features

KC-46 U.S. Supplier Spotlight: Pacific Component Xchange

March 22, 2023 in Defense, Our Partners

Pacific Component Xchange is one of more than 650 suppliers across 43 states that supports the KC-46 program and helps fuel the U.S. Air Force’s global mission.


Boeing, U.S. Army Apaches Achieve 5 Million Flight Hours

March 02, 2023 in Defense

Five million hours equates to flying an AH-64 nonstop for more than 208,333 days. The Apache continues to prove its reliability and versatility with worldwide customers.


'Why are we here?' This engineer knows her answer

March 01, 2023 in Defense

Maintaining systems that keep a nation safe heightens Boeing teammate Tara Melton’s vigilance for seeing potential in others.


KC-46A charging into new year with momentum

March 01, 2023 in Defense

Air Mobility Command leader highlights a momentous 14 months for the KC-46A.


KC-46 U.S. Supplier Spotlight: Advanced Ground Systems Engineering, LLC

February 21, 2023 in Defense, Our Partners

California-based Advanced Ground Systems Engineering spent the last half century developing and maintaining its reputation in the aviation world as an industry leader in ground support equipment and tooling for jet engines and aircraft.


Boeing delivers additional Ground-Based Interceptors to MDA

December 19, 2022 in Defense

The missile components help the U.S. Missile Defense Agency protect the United States from long-range ballistic threats.


KC-46 U.S. Supplier Spotlight: PSI Solutions, Inc.

December 12, 2022 in Defense, Our Partners

PSI Solutions is one of more than 650 KC-46A Pegasus suppliers in communities across the nation that deliver critical components to assemble the world’s most advanced multi-mission aerial refueler.


A fall to grace: Employee’s accident refocuses his mission

December 06, 2022 in Defense

Proposal manager Aaron Sumner’s most important life lesson was also one of the hardest.


A collective thought process to solve problems

November 28, 2022 in Defense, Our People

Meet an Apache program engineer whose team has helped save more than $12,000 and 195 hours of rework.


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