The world's most dominant modern combat fighter.

The Backbone of Tactical Fighter Fleets


Delivering best-in-class payload, range and speed, the F-15EX will serve as a backbone for any tactical fighter fleet  - today and into the future. 

Building upon a legacy of air dominance, the F-15EX combines its undefeated combat record with state-of-the-art design and technology to deliver next-generation capabilities that push it squarely into the future of combat.

Disruptive and Decisive Effects to the Peer Fight

With a payload capacity of 29,500 lbs. (13,300 kg) – including outsized weapons – the F-15EX delivers affordable mass to address rapidly evolving threats. When this payload is combined with range, contemporary sensors and an advanced electronic warfare suite, the F-15EX presents peer adversaries with multiple challenges both inside and outside of threat rings.

Unparalleled Weapons Capacity
The F-15EX can shoot from a significantly increased range – farther than any other fighter in the U.S. Air Force arsenal – and provides the unique capability of holding 12 AMRAAMs or other large ordinance.

Next-Gen Survivability
By redefining how to achieve and maintain a state of low detectability using innovative electronic warfare tools, the F-15EX does not sacrifice payload for survivability. It serves as a long-range standoff weapons system that is also capable of penetrating and surviving in highly contested environments.

Modern Software Infrastructure
The DoD’s first full rate production program to implement Full Sized Determinant Assembly (FSDA) , Boeing’s F-15EX brings next-generation radars, sensors and networking capabilities.


Affordable and Reliable Performance


Ready to fight as soon as it comes off the line, the F-15EX is the most affordable, reliable and immediate way to refresh the capacity and update the capabilities of tactical fighter fleets.

With low operating costs compared to other fighters yet four times the weapons payload and twice the fuel, range and speed, the F-15EX represents a modern solution that global Air Forces can field within their schedule.

Evolving at the Speed of Relevance

Incorporating the latest in software development, digital engineering and Open Mission Systems architecture, the F-15EX is a digital pathfinder for more rapid, affordable future fighter aircraft development.

Representing the DoD’s first full-rate production program to implement Full Sized Determinant Assembly (FSDA), Boeing’s F-15EX enables rapid modernization to keep pace with adversary and technological maturation while also facilitating national sovereignty development by global allies.


Allied Interoperability

The F-15EX is designed for interoperability within the joint force. It’s a lethal, survivable weapons system that provides the range, maneuverability and lethality where & when it matters - across the entire mission profile - to deter and defeat aggression.

With the next-generation capability it brings to the warfighter, global allies will have access to the latest technology and allied interoperability capability within their fleet.

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South Korea
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