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Updates on Alaska Airlines flight 1282 and the 737-9

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Boeing to hold Quality Stand Downs

Jan. 23, 2024: Boeing’s 737 factory teams will hold a “Quality Stand Down” in Renton, Wash., this Thursday, Jan. 25. During the session, production, delivery and support teams will pause for a day so employees can take part in working sessions focused on quality. This is part of the immediate actions recently shared by Boeing Commercial Airplanes CEO Stan Deal.

Here are excerpts from the internal communication to all Commercial Airplanes employees:

“The first of the stand downs will be held Thursday for the 737 program. Production, delivery and support efforts will pause for a day so teammates can take part in working sessions focused on quality.

The sessions allow all teammates who touch the airplane to ‘pause, evaluate what we’re doing, how we’re doing it and make recommendations for improvement,’ said Stan Deal, BCA president and CEO.

Over the next couple weeks, Quality Stand Downs will take place at other factories and fabrication sites to include all of Airplane Programs. During the stand downs, teammates will participate in hands-on learning, reflection and collaboration to identify where quality and compliance can be improved and create actionable plans that will be tracked to closure.”