Boeing's new Space Bins for the 737 hold 50% more bags

Space Bins answers the call for more space to stow carry-on bags. Each of the larger Space Bins will hold six standard sized bags, two more than the large current Boeing Sky Interior pivot bins installed on many Next-Generation 737s.

Airlines can expect quicker boarding and turnaround processes at the gate and passengers will benefit from decreased concern about finding a spot for their carry-on bag when boarding a flight.

With a lower bin lip height, Space Bins provide increased visibility into the back of the bins and make bag loading even easier. They're also easier to close than the current pivot bins.

Space Bins are an optional feature available in production and retrofit. For more information about retrofitting your entire 737 fleet with Space Bins, click here.



By the Numbers

  Standard Configuration Space Bins Configuration
737 MAX 9 & 737-900ER 132 bags 198 bags (+66)
737 MAX 8 & 737-800 118 178 (+60)
737 MAX 7 & 737-700 90 134 (+44)

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