Airport Compatibility

Airport Compatibility

747-8 Airport Compatibility

While the 747-8 retains many of the same exterior dimension as the 747-400 (tail height, engine span, main landing gear post span), the increased wingspan of the 747-8 aircraft places it into ICAO airport design category F. Since most of the world's major airports are built to ICAO Code E standards, Boeing is working, on behalf of our airline customers, with airports and Civil Aviation Authorities worldwide to ensure that the proper plans are in place to accommodate safe and economical operations.

  • Airport Council International (ACI) Boeing 747-8 Airport Compatibility Group (BACG) Document -- The BACG Chartered by ACI-World is a group consisting of Civil Aviation Authorities, Airports, and Industry representatives. It is formed to agree and promote a common position among the group members, with respect to operation of the 747-8 at existing airports that currently do not meet ICAO Code Letter F specifications. The purpose of BACG Common Agreement Document is to develop 747-8 operational guidance material based on ICAO Circular 305, that includes:
    • Items of aerodrome infrastructure that may be affected by the introduction of the Boeing 747-8 aircraft
    • ICAO Recommended Practices relating to those items, and
    • For any areas of non-compliance, a proposed set of minimum separations and, if required, operational procedures proposed by the BACG to ensure the safe operation of the 747-8 aircraft at aerodromes currently unable to meet ICAO Code Letter F aerodrome Standards and Recommendations.
  • Current Status List of 747-8 Airports, map of airports which have supported revenue service, and Maps of Destination and Alternate Airports that have granted Approval to Operate a 747-8 -- Final airport compatibility resolution can only be achieved once regulatory, pavement loading and parking issues are all resolved. The airlines, with Boeing technical assistance as required, are conducting parking discussions with the airports. Airports that may have deficient pavement strength are working directly with Boeing's engineering staff for resolution. By granting approval, the airports on this list have indicated that the 747-8 can operate safely in their airport environment. Each airline operator must still work independently with the airport and agree to an operational plan.

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