WA Students shine on STEM Signing Day

46 high school seniors from across Washington state were chosen based on their accomplishments and involvement in STEM education.

May 31, 2023 in Our-Community

When 18-year-old Rishi Hazra heard about STEM Signing Day, the Skyline High School senior was quick to apply to be a part of the celebration.

“I’ve always seen athletes sign their letters of intent,” said Hazra, “and I was like, I want to commit to a career in service and STEM, so it’s a great opportunity for me.”

Hazra was one of 46 high school students who recently participated in two celebrations for the 2023 Washington state STEM Signing Day, presented by Boeing. One celebration was held at the Museum of Flight in Seattle and a second was held at Boeing Moses Lake.

Just like college signing days for athletes, the next STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) leaders signed a letter of intent to pursue a two- or four-year credential in a STEM field. The students were chosen based on their accomplishments and involvement in STEM education.

This is showing community recognition of the importance of STEM,” said Hazra, “and how STEM, too, can build community just like athletics and other programs.”

Hazra is committing to Harvard University where he plans to pursue a degree in chemistry. He has a passion for sustainability and believes humans can fight climate change by understanding the world through STEM research.

“All these different systems that we take for granted that are just part of the natural environment are a product of physics and chemistry and the laws that govern our universe,” he said. “So it’s important for us as a nation to be advanced in technology and STEM.”

Meet 4 more STEM Signing Day stars:

Divinity Singleton

Name: Divinity Singleton
High school: Gov. John Rogers (Puyallup)
Signing with: Lewis & Clark College
Career ambition: veterinarian
Divinity says: “I really enjoyed the opportunity to sign and see all these great people who are going to achieve great things in the world.”

Dalia Al Hayyawi

Name: Dalia Al Hayyawi
High School: Kamiakin (Kennewick)
Signing with: University of Washington
Career ambition: chemist, physicist or computer scientist
Dalia says: “After taking physics I really set my heart on it and said, okay this is what I need to do. I have a unique perspective on the role that science and technology can play in solving complex problems, as well as having come from a background that is historically underrepresented, I realize that I am able to bring a fresh viewpoint to the table!”

Lillian Goodwin

Name: Lillian Goodwin
High School: Yelm
Signing with: Clover Park Technical College
Career ambition: aviation maintenance technician
Lillian says: “There are so many companies wanting women in the field.” “Currently I’m taking a welding class at my high school, so they do a lot of events trying to open it up to women in the STEM field because there are so many opportunities for us.”

Caleb Craddock

Name: Caleb Craddock
High School: Mead (Spokane)
Signing with: U.S. Air Force Academy
Career ambition: military officer
Caleb says: “I found math to be very interesting and I began talking to people, namely an uncle, about STEM careers and found engineering as a great fit for my interests and skills.”