Robert A. Bradway

Robert A. Bradway

Robert A. Bradway
Chairman and CEO, Amgen Inc.

Boeing director since: 2016

Professional highlights:

  • Chairman and CEO, Amgen Inc. (Chairman 2013-present; CEO 2012-present)
  • President and COO, Amgen Inc. (2010-2012)
  • Executive Vice President and CFO, Amgen Inc. (2007-2010)

Independent: Yes

Other current public company directorships:

  • Amgen Inc.

Mr. Bradway brings to the Board critical skills in the areas of high technology, product development, financial oversight, product safety and risk management. His experience as a senior executive in the biotechnology industry, including as Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of Amgen, provides him with an extensive understanding of the strategic considerations and challenges associated with meeting the requirements of numerous safety and regulatory compliance regimes around the world. At Amgen, Mr. Bradway has also overseen a number of sustainability initiatives, such as Amgen’s 2027 Environmental Sustainability Plan to reduce Amgen’s environmental footprint as well as coordinating its overall environment, social and governance strategy. In addition, he previously served as a director of Norfolk Southern Corporation, one of the nation’s largest railroad transportation companies, where virtually every aspect of operations is heavily regulated and subject to strict safety-related oversight. In recognition of Mr. Bradway’s experience in corporate finance, risk management and executive leadership, the Board elected him to serve as Chair of the Finance Committee.

Mr. Bradway is Chair of the Finance Committee and a member of the Governance & Public Policy Committee.