Process, Criteria and Guidelines

Boeing sponsors the Chicago Air & Water Show, the oldest and largest free-admission show of its kind in the United States, with more than 2 million spectators each year. The show features vintage and present-day aircraft, including many Boeing products.

Boeing sponsors select major events, organizations and projects that align with our purpose and business strategies to enhance Boeing brand presence and support our customers, key stakeholders, employees and communities where we live, work and do business around the world. 

In addition, Boeing strives to create positive change for our global communities and their people through charitable corporate contributions as well as employee giving and volunteerism. Boeing invests in thoughtful, innovative partnerships and programs that align with our strategic objectives and build the capacity of individuals and communities to succeed in a constantly evolving world. Organizations seeking such charitable contributions should visit our Community Engagement page.

How Sponsorship Requests Are Evaluated

All sponsorship requests are evaluated against the following criteria:

  • Provide alignment with Boeing’s purpose and values
  • Opportunity to increase brand awareness and enhance brand reputation
  • Provide a platform to educate and inspire targeted or global audiences and build relationships
  • Create a positive point of differentiation in the industry or community
  • Provide unique and exciting employee engagement opportunities and support recruitment efforts
  • Potential for long-term, sustainable partnership

Meeting these criteria ensures that Boeing establishes sponsorship relationships that mutually benefit Boeing and the receiving organization. If determined eligible, your organization will be contacted for more detailed information.

How To Determine If Your Request Will Be Eligible

We regret that we are unable to support certain activities because they do not meet corporate sponsorship program goals and strategic objectives.

  • Local sports organizations, such as Little League
  • Charitable fundraisers
  • Requests that benefit an individual person or family
  • Religious activities, in whole or in part, for the purpose of furthering religious doctrine
  • Travel expenses
  • Door prizes or raffles
  • School-affiliated orchestras, bands, choirs, drama groups, yearbooks, class parties, or class or team projects
  • General operating expenses
  • Political candidates or organizations
  • Boeing business resource groups

In most cases, the following activities do not meet our corporate sponsorship criteria:

  • Film or documentary productions
  • Memorials or endowments
  • Agency or school-sponsored walkathons or athletic events
  • U.S. hospitals or medical research

How Much Time You Should Allow

Sponsorship requests are reviewed on a regular basis. Your organization should hear from Boeing within six weeks of receipt of the application. If there is a need for additional information, Boeing will contact your organization directly.

Organizations should allow six months to one year between the initial request and the sponsorship start date to provide time for negotiating agreements and to enable Boeing to appropriately plan our participation.

How To Apply

Boeing proactively seeks partnerships with appropriate potential strategic partners. However, all organizations are welcome to submit an application for consideration. Before submitting an application using the link at the bottom of this page, be sure to review our evaluation criteria and our list of ineligible activities above.

Due the volume of requests that we receive, to be considered for a sponsorship, applicants must first submit an application. We no longer accept unsolicited sponsorship requests by telephone, fax, mail, or email.

Click here to fill out a Request for Sponsorship application.