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For more than 100 years, Boeing and its customers have created the future of aerospace and defense – from the earliest days of aviation to the highly sophisticated and integrated systems of today. This trusted partnership continues as defense customers once again look to Boeing to help them solve their toughest challenges. Boeing launched the industry’s digital transformation and continues to apply and scale the latest technologies to put new capabilities in the hands of warfighters at the speed of relevance.

From virtualizing and simulating requirements to digitally engineering and fine-tuning designs ahead of build, and using data insights to solve maintenance issues before they arise, customers continue to rely on Boeing to stay ahead of rapidly evolving threats.

Defense  Features

Boeing Demonstrates Multi-Domain Data Fusion and Automated Software Deployment in JADC2 Lab

January 20, 2022 in Defense

Boeing recently conducted a virtual demo from its Joint All Domain Command and Control (JADC2) Lab that successfully combined data from different sources for multiple platforms across domains to create a common operating picture.


Boeing Delivers 50th KC-46A to U.S. Air Force

January 13, 2022 in Defense

See the history-making arrival of the first two KC-46A tankers to Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst.


MQ-25 named “Best of What’s New” by Popular Science

November 30, 2021 in Defense, Innovation

The unmanned aerial refueler made history in 2021 by transferring fuel to three different Navy aircraft for the first time.    


Boeing KC-46 Supports Global Aerial Refueling Missions

November 17, 2021 in Defense

A KC-46A arrived at the Dubai Airshow 2021 to growing international interest and fresh off the first international delivery for the proven and matured multirole tanker.


This C-17 just achieved 25,000 flight hours

November 16, 2021 in Defense

Globemaster III is one of the fastest platforms to ever reach 4M flight hours, enabling humanitarian relief and completing critical missions worldwide.


T-7 Advanced Pilot Training System: Boeing’s Next Generation of Pilot Training

November 16, 2021 in Defense

The T-7A Red Hawk is an all-new advanced pilot training system designed for the U.S. Air Force that will train the next generation of fighter and bomber pilots for decades to come.


Boeing Autonomous Systems Support Missions from Seabed to Space

November 12, 2021 in Defense

The world is entering an era in which rapidly evolving technology is determining how wars are fought and won.


Boeing F/A-18 Block III and F-15EX Air Dominance & Path to the Future

November 11, 2021 in Defense

During Dubai Air Show 2021, Thom Breckenridge, Boeing’s Vice President, Bombers and Fighters International Business Development, explained how the F/A-18 Super Hornet Block III and F-15EX are Boeing’s air dominance fighters and path to the future.


MQ-25 wins AvWeek Program Excellence Award

October 21, 2021 in Defense

The Boeing-Navy team building the unmanned aerial refueler is focused on delivering capability to the fleet.


Government Services

Boeing’s unrivaled knowledge and global presence drives mission-focused services that meet readiness, deliver reliability and provide affordability.