Control multiple unmanned systems with one operator.


Control multiple unmanned systems with one operator. Make better decisions.


Insitu’s Common Open Mission Management Command and Control (ICOMC2) is our revolutionary solution to controlling multiple unmanned aircraft with one ground control station and a single operator. ICOMC2’s open-architecture design allows users to customize it with plug-ins and new applications, making it easier to meet needs specific to your operation.

ICOMC2 ground station software is a small-footprint system that operates from a laptop or a device that can be easily worn and transported. The base ICOMC2 software system features a net-centric and open architecture with a fully supported Software Development Kit (SDK) that enables the system to be customized for your operational needs and system-specific requirements.



ICOMC2's breakthrough technology::

  • Operates multiple unmanned vehicles from one workstation controlled by a single operator.
  • Uses small-footprint, mobile hardware.
  • Supports almost all known map data formats and RTSP and RTP video.
  • Features an open-architecture design that users can customize with plug-ins and new applications.
  • Offers net-centric technology that enables other services on the network to utilize system or payload data and allows operators to interact with services provided by other network-based applications outside of ICOMC2.
  • Increases operator situational awareness. The Augmented Video Overlay System (AVOS) lets operators overlay video with terrain elevation, satellite data, target identification, border information, acoustic detectability and AIS data – all in a single picture. It also features a new virtual camera mode and auto tracking mechanism so your operators can perform hands-off monitoring of roads, borders or base perimeters.

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