HardwareWall Cross-Domain Data Protection

HardwareWall® (HWW) is a Raise the Bar (RTB) cross-domain solution (CDS) that provides the secure and efficient transfer of data with physical separation, virus protection and enforcement of data-handling policy between otherwise disconnected networks operating in multiple security domains (unclassified, secret and top secret). HWW supports bidirectional transfer of file-based and streaming data in a wide variety of formats. The dynamic HWW rules engine extends to support additional formats.

HWW is available in both commercial hardware and tactical solutions and has hundreds of deployed CDSs over its more than 20-year history. HWW has enjoyed success at each step of the ever-evolving cross-domain security requirements, from operating system requirements (to accreditation requirements, including:

  • Director of Central Intelligence Directive (DCID) 6/3
  • DOD Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP)
  • Intelligence Community Directive 503/Risk Management Framework (ICD 503/RMF)
  • National Cross Domain Strategy & Management Office’s RTB

HardwareWall 2U3L Product Card
HardwareWall 1U3L Tactical Product Card
HardwareWall Whitepaper 2021

Easy, Proven Data Security Implementation

HardwareWall has been independently tested within the CDS market, and the results consistently show it's the easiest for users to manage, including user modifications or additions to rule sets, configuration changes, and installation and integration efforts. In a specific test for mean time between failure (MTBF), , the HWW commercial hardware system was the only CDS to run without interruption for the entire length of the study. HWW throughput speed has also consistently ranked as the fastest with specific data types and data validation requirements in both commercial hardware systems and tactical units.

HWW offers life-cycle maintenance of its software and related hardware services. The HWW team provides information assurance consulting services in design, selection, implementation and use of hardware, software and computer networks related to our product line. We can design, develop and customize both software and hardware to meet your requirements and help in the planning, design and analysis of information processes, networks and systems.

  • Mission

    • Help national security and defense organizations expedite secure communications requirements through competitive, high-performance, high-assurance systems for the transfer of data between networks operating at different levels of classification
    • Deploy, manage and share critical intelligence faster in real-time situations, enabling the mission to succeed
  • Capabilities

    • Certified up to PL-5 bidirectional, near real-time transfer of data among TS/SCI systems and unclassified systems on open networks
    • Highly configurable rule sets
    • Multiple form factors (commercial hardware, tactical)
  • Use Cases

    • Mobile platform network segregation
    • File transfer between multiple enclaves or domains

Cost-Effective Data Network Excellence

  • Easily integrated and rapidly deployed

    • Fast setup, reduced integration time
    • Highly scalable architecture
    • Support for many encryption methods
    • Accredited DCID 6/30 and ICD 503
    • Average of 180-day deployment
  • High-assurance architecture

    • Network separation
    • Physical one-way trainer
    • Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) supported OS
    • Single source of all hardware and software, thus ensuring a safe, secure and reliable supply chain
  • Powerful functionality

    • Intuitive and configurable rule set language to enable you to make quick changes to policy
    • Commercial hardware system tested up to 6.0 Gbps
    • Tactical system tested up to 800 Mbps
    • Scalable to achieve faster throughput
  • High performance

    • Deployed systems that operate with little or no maintenance support
    • One-time upfront cost for a robust system, instead of recurring license fees and mandatory support
  • Best value

    • Commercial off-the-shelf product
    • Cloned systems that can be made for less cost, enabling cost-effective scaling and expansion
    • Affordable and trusted services to maximize mission effectiveness