Security Monitoring Infrastructure System

The Boeing Security Monitoring Infrastructure System (SMIS) is a cybersecurity and network situational awareness tool pre-integrated with signature, behavioral, and algorithmic network security and traffic anomaly detectors. Our 11 patents on core technologies make SMIS a uniquely powerful solution to monitor your network environment and provide a robust cyber situational awareness system and tool suite.

SMIS installs on commodity hardware and has been scaled from monitoring small single enclave networks to huge world-spanning interconnected webs of devices. SMIS has been deployed as a simple stand-alone solution and has been integrated into other network operations tools to provide a rich view of the cyber environment in other custom or commercial tools.

SMIS is a combination of:

  • Network intrusion detection system (IDS or NIDS)
  • Security event management system (SEM, SIM or SIEM)
  • Network traffic analysis system
  • Network packet recorder
  • Workflow and trouble ticketing
  • Reporting

Cybersecurity and Analytics Use Cases

  • Cybersecurity

    • Detect network traffic anomalies as events by passive monitoring
    • Collect cybersecurity events from SMIS sensors
    • Collect cybersecurity events from other devices
    • Correlate groups of events into alerts
  • Network analytics

    • Verify or validate specific network traffic
    • Assess top talkers
    • Analyze bandwidth and protocol usage
    • Perform network security and forensics
    • Monitor network performance
  • Security operations center as a service

    • Dedicated analysts who continually work with you and help respond to threats as they arise
    • Highly trained group of cyber defense analysts available 24/7

Robust, Proven and Powerful

  • Easily integrated and rapidly deployed

    • Fast setup, reduced integration time
    • Initial actionable intelligence in a matter of hours
    • Each component installable on current hardware
    • Web service managed
  • Modular architecture

    • Robust API for cross-product integration
    • Datasets accessible from existing applications
    • Data forwarding to common operating picture
    • GUI interoperability
    • Stand-alone or part of a larger solution
    • Embedded options
  • Scalable for any enterprise

    • Echelon scaling
    • Lower echelons: autonomy for tailored analysis
    • Higher echelons: detection of multiregion trends and anomalies
    • Built in redundancy
    • Scalability to achieve faster throughput
  • Advanced situational awareness

    • Deployed systems that operate with little or no maintenance support
    • One-time upfront cost for a robust system, instead of recurring license fees and mandatory support
  • Customer proven

    • Protects thousands of unique devices hosting billions of dollars’ worth of Boeing, government and partner intellectual property (inside and outside the U.S.)
    • Satisfies numerous risk management framework (RMF) technical security controls completely, others partially including Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2