The Future of Homeland Missile Defense

The Next Generation of Defense

Boeing is committed to delivering next-generation missile defense capabilities to protect the U.S. homeland from emerging threats.

In support of this national priority, Boeing has assembled a world-class team that brings together the best of industry to deliver the optimal solution for the Next Generation Interceptor (NGI).

Building upon its six decades of experience in developing, testing and fielding strategic missile and weapon systems, Boeing’s innovation and leadership will continue to drive the modernization and technological advancement of the system in support of national security needs. The Boeing NGI solution will offer unmatched efficiency, affordability and reliability to remain ahead of emerging threats.

NGI Offering

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The Boeing NGI solution delivers:

  • Modernized missile defense capabilities to protect the nation, its allies and international partners
  • An innovative design, capable of evolving to meet and defeat future threats and challenges
  • Affordable and accelerated readiness that leverages prior investments, design cost analyses and proven technologies
  • Enhanced flexibility and modularity to ensure optimized platform integration, maintenance and sustainability
  • Reliable survivability to withstand hostile, adverse and demanding environments

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NGI Milestones

The views expressed are those of The Boeing Company and do not constitute an endorsement by the Missile Defense Agency.