Enhanced, Affordable, Air Combat Training

Boeing’s Integrated Live, Virtual & Constructive training links a real aircraft (live) with ground-based (virtual) and simulated threats (constructive), allowing aircrews to train within a complex threat environment previously unavailable for live tactical training. I-LVC minimizes the need for multiple aircraft to participate in training scenarios, extending range capacity and reducing the costs of expensive live flight training. The system is aircraft-agnostic and can support training against air- and ground-based electronic warfare threats for domestic and international customers.

Quick Facts

  • A wing-mounted Live, Virtual & Constructive-enabled pod delivers processing power and seamlessly integrates simulated threats into the cockpit environment.
  • The system is secure and encrypted, compatible with existing tactical combat training systems.
  • Aggressor aircraft, previously flown with live aircraft, can be replaced with ground-based or synthetic threats.
  • Integrated Live, Virtual & Constructive training is designed for expansion to include new weapons and threats.