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Boeing's innovative solutions help the U.S. maintain global dominance by deterring and defeating the threats of today — for the sake of tomorrow.

October 11, 2022 in Defense

Threats today are interconnected across all domains and proliferating at an unprecedented tempo. Meeting and deterring these threats requires close cooperation and coordination between the U.S. Army and trusted industry partners.

We’re committed to investing in and developing innovative solutions that help the U.S. maintain global dominance now and well into the future.

Future of Vertical Lift

We’re modernizing and adapting our enduring Vertical Lift platforms and developing new systems to meet the Army’s multi-domain needs.

Optimized for operational effectiveness, agility and sustainability, the Lockheed Martin Sikorsky-Boeing DEFIANT X will revolutionize the Army’s air assault mission by bringing speed and low-altitude maneuverability at the X — where staying below the radar is critical to surviving enemy air defense systems.

Fitting in the same footprint as the Black Hawk, DEFIANT X provides revolutionary, affordable, advanced capability. The innovative design also limits changes to tactics, techniques, procedures, training and infrastructure.

DEFIANT X is the Lockheed Martin Sikorsky-Boeing offering for the Army’s Future Long-Range Assault Aircraft program.

Lockheed Martin Sikorsky-Boeing photo

With over 60 years of combat and humanitarian experience, the Chinook is the most capable, reliable and advanced heavy-lift helicopter in the world. Thanks to innovation and technological advancements, the H-47 will solve the needs of our customers for another 60 years.

With 950 Chinook operated by the Army and nineteen international partners, the most affordable and battle-tested heavy-lift helicopter in the world is now more advanced than ever.

Powered by cutting-edge technologies to lift more throughout the envelope — the H-47 Block II Chinook flies farther and lifts more. Block II improves readiness for the Army and Special Operations warfighters, while limiting future sustainment costs.

With redesigned fuel tanks, a strengthened fuselage and an improved drivetrain, Block II technology provides commonality across the fleet and sets the stage for affordable future upgrades.

Modernized AH-64 Apache
The AH-64 Apache is the attack aircraft of choice for the Army and 17 partnering nations around the globe. With increasing reach, greater lethality and enhanced survivability, the Modernized Apache builds on the AH-64E v6 and is purpose-built to dominate in multi-domain battlefields.

Combining a battle-tested design with transformational technologies, the Modernized Apache will take the E-model’s Multi-Domain Operations capability to the next level by using a digital backbone, Improved Turbine Engine Program and Modular Open Systems Approach to deliver an unmatched mix of performance and versatility to complement and interoperate with current and future platforms.

The Modernized Apache will deliver an unmatched mix of performance and versatility to complement and interoperate with current and future platforms.

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Experience matters in unmanned aircraft systems development. Insitu is applying its history of over 1.3 million flight hours to its Integrator-EX (Expeditionary), a mature and dependable system that is supportable in the field and is readily producible and maintainable. The aircraft features critical capabilities that warfighters demand, such as vertical take-off and landing, command and control on-the-move and a Modular Open Systems Approach. Boeing and subsidiary Insitu are integrating and perfecting the Integrator-EX in manned-unmanned teaming concepts, making it the best choice for Army warfighters in competition against peer nations.

Air and Missile Defense

Innovating quickly to stay ahead of today’s threats requires investing in disruptive technologies across our Missile and Weapon Systems division — including digital engineering. Applying digital expertise from our Boeing Commercial Airplanes division and building on the successes made on Boeing Defense, Space & Security programs, we’re leading the way on digitally transforming missile defense.

Next Generation Short-Range Interceptor
Boeing is engaged with the Army to deliver a Next Generation Short-Range Interceptor replacement for the legacy Stinger missile.

The Boeing solution leverages advanced capabilities to realize enhanced range, lethality and end-game maneuverability — while also featuring a Modular Open Systems Approach that enables rapid technology insertion to address current and future threats.

The Next Generation Short-Range Interceptor will provide Soldiers with advanced capabilities, including enhanced range, speed, end-game maneuverability and a Modular Open Systems Approach.

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PAC-3 Missile Seeker
For 20+ years, Patriot Advanced Capability-3, or PAC-3, Missile seekers have protected Soldiers, allies and partners around the world from tactical ballistic missiles, cruise missiles and hostile aircraft.

As part of Boeing’s digital transformation, the seeker, which functions as the missiles’ “eyes,” is being digitally engineered and will feature both hardware and software upgrades that will enable it to overcome evolving threats.

Compact Laser Weapon System
Boeing’s beam director and acquisition, tracking and pointing software have an innovative, scalable design that accommodates future upgrades and modernization that will provide Soldiers with enhanced protection against larger and more numerous unmanned air system threats.

Tactical Laser Weapon Module
In partnership with General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems (GA-EMS), Boeing is pursuing opportunities for a 300 kW-class high energy laser weapon system to support a variety of air and missile defense applications.

Combining both companies’ expertise in directed energy, Boeing will work with GA-EMS to build a best-in-class solution capable of delivering superior, combat-ready protection for Soldiers.

Ramjet 155
Boeing, with investing partners Nammo and Marotta, is developing, maturing and testing our ramjet-powered projectile, known as Ramjet 155, to offer superior, affordable capability, act as a combat multiplier against emerging threats, and support the Army’s efforts to deliver long-range precision fire solutions.

Adaptive and sustainable solutions

Leveraging decades of experience, we’re developing and delivering solutions that are agile, flexible and sustainable.

Sustainability and Services
Our Next Generation Product Support team is providing digital and analytic tools with a proven track record of reducing lifecycle operating costs and improving mission readiness through predictive maintenance, resulting in higher aircraft availability.

By investing in capabilities that support the Army’s prognostic and predictive maintenance, including advanced additive manufacturing, predictive analytics and digital visibility solutions that offer insight for real-time decisions, we’re able to help improve readiness and lower operational costs.

Results that matter

Our employees have worked alongside the Army for generations, building enduring partnerships and consistently delivering results when it matters the most. We will continue answering the call to outpace, out-innovate, deter and defeat the threats of today — for the sake of tomorrow.