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Defense and security solutions for NATO & European nations

Boeing has contributed NATO and the European defense community for decades. Boeing supports a strong trans-Atlantic defense technological and industrial base that remains open to robust defense industrial collaboration. Building on our longstanding relationships and leveraging our global supply chain, Boeing is committed to helping NATO and European nations meet the security challenges of the 21st century. Boeing platforms, solutions and services have played an important role in NATO and European military, peacekeeping and humanitarian assistance operations. As one of the leading defense contractors in the world, Boeing is a principal industry partner to NATO, and with Boeing’s advanced platforms and solutions in service with 25 European armed forces, we are an integral part of the European defense ecosystem.

NATO AWACS in flight

Services and Support for NATO

Currently, Boeing supports three NATO multi-national consortiums providing services and support in advanced early warning, strategic mobility and ballistic missile defense domains.

NATO AWACS in flight

The NATO AWACS program is a successful model for enduring transatlantic defense cooperation. Sixteen NATO countries are involved in the AWACS program with a fleet of 15 Boeing AWACS E-3A radar aircraft. NATO AWACS has helped keep the peace around the world with its 'Eye in the Sky' radar and sophisticated air battle management capability. The fleet is the alliance’s first integrated, multinational flying unit and provides rapid deployment, airborne surveillance and communication for NATO operations. As prime contractor, Boeing has led efforts upgrading the NATO fleet in Manching, Germany.

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NATO SAC C-17 Program

The NATO Strategic Airlift Capability (SAC) C-17 program provides NATO nations, such as Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, and the United States of America, and Partnership for Peace countries Finland and Sweden with strategic airlift capabilities. As members of SAC, the countries jointly operate the C-17s out of Pápa Air Base, Hungary. The three C-17s officially joined the Heavy Airlift Wing at Pápa Air Base in July 2009, where Boeing employs about 70 people who are dedicated to maintenance and logistics support of the SAC C-17 fleet.

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NATO Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD)

Boeing and the NATO BMD prime contractor Leidos, received a four-year NATO BMD contract in 2014. Boeing provides systems engineering leadership, integration, testing, modelling and simulation, and integrated test bed support for the program.

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Boeing solutions for NATO

AH-64 Apache
CH-47 Chinook
V22 Osprey
702 Satellite Family
Ballistic Missile Defense
Global Positioning
KC-A Pegasus
P-8 Poseidon