Safety is and always will be our top priority. Real, effective change and improvement require a daily commitment, and we pledge to remain focused, vigilant and humble in our work.

Our Priority

Nothing is more important than safety.


We are more committed than ever to strengthening our culture of safety through continuous improvement, learning and innovation. Teammates from across the enterprise are taking a proactive, unbiased and collaborative approach to all aspects of product safety, compliance and airworthiness. In all situations, every employee is empowered and encouraged to speak up if they have any safety or quality concern. Our team members have a deep and personal commitment to the safety of Boeing products and services. Listen to their stories – these are the Voices of Safety.

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    Our Values

    In everything we do, we make safety our top priority, strive for first-time quality and hold ourselves accountable to the highest ethical standards.

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    Our Mission

    To foster a culture that ensures the safety, quality and compliance of our products and services for those who depend on, operate, build and maintain our products.

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    Trust and Transparency

    We are engaging with each other and all of our stakeholders with greater transparency and accountability in every aspect of the business.

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    Continuous Learning

    We remain committed to listening, learning with humility and continuous improvement.

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    Governance and Compliance

    We operate in a manner that upholds our values, emphasizes accountability, and ensures an unrelenting focus on product integrity and compliance.

Boeing Safety Management System Policy

Boeing Safety Management System Policy

In everything we do and in all aspects of our business, we make safety our top priority, strive for first-time quality, and hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards as set forth in our Code of Conduct and POL-2, “Advancing the Boeing Principles.”

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Our Progress

Taking action to strengthen aerospace safety

Our responsibilities are many and we take them seriously. We are doing our part to help keep the public more informed, healthier and hopeful for our future generations.


Our Safety Journey

We implemented a series of meaningful changes to strengthen our safety practices and culture and bring lasting improvements to aerospace safety. It is a journey of continuous improvement and we are dedicated to making daily progress and holding ourselves accountable to the highest standards. Learn more about our journey by reading the Chief Aerospace Safety Officer Report.

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737 updates


After a thorough process, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) lifted the order that suspended 737-8 and 737-9 operations for airlines under its jurisdiction. We continue to work with the FAA and other global regulators and airlines to safely return the airplane to service in their jurisdictions.

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We are focused on innovating and operating to make the world better for future generations through environmental stewardship, social progress and values-driven governance.

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Aviation safety is a never-ending process.


Safety is the primary consideration when Boeing engineers design an airplane. In addition to meeting regulatory requirements before certification, each airplane model must meet Boeing’s time-proven design standards, which are often more stringent than regulatory requirements.

Our processes help ensure the safety of all the teammates who design and build our products, the passengers who fly on them and the people who service them.

From commercial airplanes to military aircraft and spacecraft, our commitment and approach to safety and quality extend across all of our products and services.

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Our People

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Safety is our North Star.


Nothing is more important at Boeing than safety — in the workplace and in the products we design, build and support. The Safety Guiding Principles provide a framework to achieve the goal of zero workplace injuries — so every person who works at, or visits, a Boeing site leaves as safe and healthy as when they arrived.

Boeing’s workplace safety program, Go for Zero, is a holistic approach to preventing sickness or injuries at work and at home, stemming from the belief that every injury is preventable.

Achieving zero injuries is a constant endeavor. By continually identifying gaps and measuring progress using industry standard approaches, Boeing’s internal compliance requirements often exceed those set by government regulations.

Every employee has the responsibility to make safety and quality top priorities. Through valuing human life and well-being above all else and taking action accordingly, Boeing will continue to foster an open culture where people are empowered and encouraged to speak up about any concerns with the assurance that they will be taken seriously.