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Rapid Response Modifications

Giving U.S. warfighters the mission advantage by using advanced engineering technology solutions to meet their modification and upgrade needs.

Quick engineering upgrades and modifications

Drawing from Boeing’s vast pool of expertise, everyone from engineers to supply chain experts and contracting teams, global customers now have access to quick-reaction capabilities in the form of platform upgrades, customized top secret modifications, maintenance support and more.

Located in San Antonio, Texas, Boeing’s new 59,000-square-foot Rapid Response Modification Center is large enough to accommodate the biggest commercial aircraft, including a 747-8 Intercontinental and military aircraft including a C-5 Galaxy.

But most important is the Rapid Response team’s ability to quickly provide solutions to the customer’s specifications and then perform the work with the engineering expertise that only Boeing can provide.

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Rapid Response Modifications Quick Facts

Readiness improved for customers

  • Meeting customer’s urgent operational needs
  • Licensed FAA repair, set-up for classified work

Agile, streamlined operations

  • Customer’s receive proposals in 5 to 13 days
  • Innovative modification operations processes allows for quick-turn mission

People are empowered and experienced

  • 2,000+ aircraft modified and maintained
  • Experienced and skilled workforce

Innovative solutions

  • Intelligence backed by data analytics

Dedicated hangar space and flightline resources

  • 59,000 sq. ft. dedicated hangar space (fits a 747-8 or C-5 Galaxy)
  • 11,500-foot-long runway with 24/7 fire and crash service
  • On-site collaboration facility for rapid team decisions