Boeing Commercial Satellite Services (BCSS) provides satellite communications services to land forces worldwide. Our team will engineer solutions and provide reliable and assured communications to meet all of your mission needs. The BCSS team is ready to support the warfighter whether the requirement is in either a fixed or a mobile environment.

Whether it’s just bandwidth or a fully managed service, BCSS is able to tailor solutions around your needs and your budget. Our extensive network is in place to plug the deployed land warrior into the critical infrastructure they need to accomplish the hardest missions. We look forward to providing the right solution to soldiers and Marines when and where it’s needed around the globe.


Boeing Commercial Satellite Services (BCSS) provides satellite communications services to meet the Navy’s needs whether at sea, on land, or in the air. As the needs of the maritime customer grow, BCSS can provide high-throughput broadband for voice, video, data and Internet access with equipment specifically designed for large vessels, aircraft and other vehicles within the Maritime portfolio. Boeing’s experience in satellite manufacturing enables us to deliver the engineering solutions needed for each and every mission.


Boeing Commercial Satellite Services (BCSS) develops innovative satellite solutions for aircraft specifically tailored to the government’s unique communications requirements. The Inmarsat-5 satellite is designed specifically for customers on the move, providing commercial and military Ka that covers the globe. The military Ka payload provides high capacity throughput through multiple spot beams that can follow your aircraft through its entire mission. And the ubiquitous coverage of the commercial Ka system means that your team can be supported wherever their mission leads them. BCSS can also provide service in L, Ku, X and UHF frequency bands. Our offerings support nose-to-tail solutions including modems and antennas, which can be coupled with our existing ground network and backhaul, to provide a complete managed service.

The Inmarsat Ka payload in uniquely positioned to provide augmentation to the existing Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS) satellites by using the same terminal types that are used on the WGS system. We also have to capability to provide PTW service where needed. These offerings allows for government airborne platforms to gain affordable, cutting edge communications capacity in an integrated yet protected manner, supporting a variety of government missions including intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance (ISR); Command, Control, Communications, and Computers (C4) data, and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) interfaces. These innovative solutions will support the full spectrum of flight operations and en route communications – Mobility, ISR, C2, and other unique mission requirements.

Other Terminal Related Services

In addition to offering bandwidth services and a standard set of user terminals, BCSS specializes in the development of custom terminal solutions to meet specific customer requirements. Our engineering team will work with you to translate your unique set of requirements into turnkey terminal solutions. BCSS will work with customers to obtain Inmarsat type approval of custom developed terminals, or other Inmarsat 4/5 compatible terminal solutions to operate over the Inmarsat constellations.


Boeing Commercial Satellite Services (BCSS) leverages Boeing’s long heritage of support for the Intelligence Community by providing end-to-end SATCOM solutions. The BCSS team has the depth and breadth of SATCOM satellite and ground infrastructure knowledge required to address customer demands at sea, on the ground and in the air. Specifically, we provide Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) equipment and low Size Weight and Power (SWaP) solutions where appropriate, and understand the unique environmental issues and Quick Reaction Capability (QRC) needed to support real-world operations. BCSS has access to a range of contracting vehicles to provide quick and efficient service to the broader Intelligence Community.


Boeing Commercial Satellite Services (BCSS) strives to meet the ever-increasing demand for data through our portfolio of services.

Our secure global broadband services connect teams regardless of distance, location or resources needed. BCSS capacities often aid First Responder missions in the wake of disaster and open channels for development in even the most austere environments.

A secure connection on BCSS’ proven and reliable network can support peace keeping, humanitarian and developmental programs as nations recover from a crisis. BCSS facilitates secure global access to broadband—a key to mission success.

Secure a connection for Secure Global Broadband.