Phased Array Antenna Systems

Phased Array Antenna Systems (PHAAST)

For nearly 30 years, Boeing has been designing, qualifying and delivering active electronically scanned phased array antenna systems for aeronautical communications and remains at the forefront of low profile antenna systems.

Boeing now offers a PHASST antennas in a small form factor K/Ka-band aeronautical SATCOM antenna.


K/Ka-band Antenna Features:

  • Mobile Military & Commercial frequency bands
  • ARSTRAT certified for WGS Operations
  • DO-160G qualified antenna system
  • Modem agnostic – Open AMIP and SNMP interfaces


Ku-band Production Antenna Features: No longer in production

  • Dual receive capability
  • ARINC 791 Standard Compliant
  • DO-160G qualified antenna system
  • Modem agnostic – Ethernet interface
  • Comparable performance to mechanical alternatives