Traveller Mobile Networks

Instant 5G, 4G-LTE and MANET/Mesh Networks - Where You Need Them, When You Need Them

Smart devices and mobile phones are the primary communication tools of the 21st century. The TMN solution allows you to put that power to work anywhere in the world, in under 10 minutes, by establishing a completely private 5G and/or 4G-LTE coverage zone ranging from 1km to 7km. The private network can be expanded into multiple regions with our Satcom, MANET/Mesh and TMN SmartRAN options. TMNs are also designed to allow your devices to maintain interoperability with public infrastructure and networks through our TMN SmartSIM add-ons that allow users to roam from the private network onto public carrier networks when needed – providing a single secure network solution for tactical, first responder, disaster relief or even corporate campus users. The Traveller Network can be operated from vehicles and manpacks as well as command posts and fixed locations, giving users the ultimate flexibility to choose where and when to set up a network.

Rapid Deployment

Having a solution that can be brought into service at a moment’s notice can make all the difference in the field. TMNs are designed to be operational in minutes – often with just the turn of a single switch. They are low maintenance and reliable and easy to operate, which will get you online and in contact faster and will reduce the training and FSR burden at the communications edge.


Your Traveller Network can scale from just a few edge users to hundreds of concurrent subscribers in mobile and tactical environments, and to thousands when used in a fixed infrastructure. All TMNs are designed to seamlessly integrate with our client’s communications infrastructure or the public internet, allowing a TMN private network to operate across an entire agency or inter-agency communication system and even include team members dispersed around the globe – all enabled by Boeing’s secure end-to-end satcom networks.

Satellite Optimized

Most tactical mobile networks are stripped down in functionality and provide only limited capabilities when connected over a satellite network, especially when providing 5G functionality. TMNs are designed from the ground up to be satellite optimized, bringing better flexibility and higher reliability to your field operators. X band, Ku Band, Ka Band, C Band – the Traveler Network can work with almost any satellite services that you are currently using. Unlike carrier solutions, TMNs can also operate without any backhaul – always providing full functionality locally via client chosen applications hosted in the edge environment on our on-board hypervisor with global access restored when a wide area network is connected.

Flexible Functions

TMNs come in multiple formats optimized for specific applications and operations. Consult with our team to see which configuration will work best for your application. We’re flexible now so you can be flexible in the field.