Traveller Tactical Mobile Networks

Mobile Cellular Networks Where You Need Them, When You Need Them.

Mobile phones are the primary communication tool of the 21st century. The TRAVELLER Tactical Mobile Network allows you to put that power to work for you anywhere in the world, in under 10 minutes, by establishing a complete carrier grade coverage zone ranging from 1km to 7km that can be locked to your team, or opened up selectively to allow inter operation with local resources and assets, or even fully opened to allow public access in cases of disaster recovery and response. TRAVELLER Tactical Mobile Networks provide all this and more in a single carry on case, or even in a simple server based solution for airborne, campus and maritime applications.

Rapid Deployment

Having a solution that can be brought into service at a moment’s notice can make all the difference in the field. TRAVELLER is operational within minutes and can be pre-programmed as a private network for your team, a partially open network to allow your team and their assets/support structures, and a fully open network to provide a publicly available service when appropriate.


TRAVELLER accepts thousands of simultaneous registrants, with concurrent user numbers based on the radio configurations – not your license. TRAVELLER can be deployed as the default tactical unit, or also as a fixed server configuration for maritime, campus and airborne applications – scalable in the field, scalable across a command structure, scalable across interoperating agencies.

Satellite Optimized

Most tactical mobile networks are stripped down in functionality and provide only limited results over satellite. TRAVELLER is designed from the ground up to be satellite optimized, bringing higher QoS and reliability to your field operators. Try it today, on L band, Ku Band, Ka Band, C Band – almost any band! Unlike its competition, TRAVELLER can also operate without backhaul – always providing full functionality locally, with global access restored once a wide area network is connected.

Flexible Functions

TRAVELLER comes in multiple flavors for multiple applications. Consult with our team to see which configuration will work best for your application – we’re flexible now so you can be flexible in the field.