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Airport Operations

Airport Planning and Engineering Services

Boeing has services available to support current and prospective aircraft customers to modernize their airport system. We are keenly aware of the interrelationships between aircraft, the airport system, and the efficiencies gained from airport planning and engineering. Boeing is proud of its commercial aircraft product line and desires to assist its customers in optimizing efficiencies with the handling of aircraft, passengers and freight. Select from the following for a description of available services in which we participate:


Runway Length Analysis -- Perform aircraft mission analysis to determine aircraft takeoff weights which determine runway length requirements. These analyses, which are performed by Jeppesen OpsData, use actual or proposed operating conditions and limitations (airport elevation, temperature, runway slope, obstacles, second segment limits, tire speed, etc.). To request an analysis, please contact the Jeppesen Runway Analysis support team direct at

Airport Safety & Operational Assessment -- Provides analysis of an airport from an aircraft operational perspective, without regard to passenger or cargo requirements. It documents the condition of the airport infrastructure, and identifies safety and operational deficiencies with recommendations for improvement. This is a tool for near term use and supports the airport master planning and system planning functions.

Runway/Pavement Analysis -- Runway/pavement analyses are performed and are used to establish existing pavement strength and condition. These studies analyze and document the capability of the existing pavement for current aircraft use. They are also conducted to support introduction of new aircraft types and weights. This is a tool for near term use and supports the airport safety and operational assessment, airport master planning, and system planning functions. The runway/pavement analyses include the following areas:

  1. Research and Visual Inspection
  2. Pavement Strength and Roughness Testing, Including Development of Allowable Load Determination and Pavement Classification Number (PCN)
  3. Soil Testing
  4. Runway Surface Condition Survey
  5. Field Data Analysis
  6. Runway Assessment Documentation


Airport Facility Planning/Engineering -- Design of terminal facilities, freight facilities, and airfield requirements is provided in partnership with some of the best architect and engineering firms in the industry. Our objective is to contribute to the development of your infrastructure improvement at the lowest possible total cost so that you can realize the maximum economic benefit from your aircraft operations.

Ground Maneuvering and Gate Planning -- Configuration studies on how airplane, airport design, and airplane performance affect ground operations, ground maneuvering, gate operations, and terminal servicing. Ground maneuvering studies include:

  1. Analysis of airport geometry for operating new and existing airplane models
  2. Analysis of terminal layouts to determine the effect of new airplane models on gate arrangements
  3. Analysis to maximize airplane configurations to provide minimum effect on airports.


For more information, please contact us at:

Boeing Airport Operations Engineering
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