Structures Testing Services

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Will your product’s structure perform as intended? Find out at Boeing.

Boeing’s structures testing professionals collaborate with you to match your product’s structure requirements to Boeing’s vast array of static, fatigue, pressure, thermal and vacuum testing resources. You get the results you need to succeed.

No matter how big or small your structural test is, Boeing can deliver the right people and the right resources for your product’s testing.

Boeing works for you.

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Structural Testing

Boeing Structural testing consists of test engineers who are highly skilled and test facilities are highly configurable.

The following categories list the types of solutions we offer:

Qualification Testing

  • FAA Conformity Testing
  • Qualification and Acceptance Testing
  • DOD, NASA, etc.

Development Testing

  • Large-Scale Component & Vehicle Testing
    • Full Scale Static Testing
    • Full Scale Fatigue Testing
    • Full Scale – Combined Environments
    • Air Loads & Calibration
    • Control System Proof & Operations
  • Small & Medium Scale Component & Vehicle Testing
    • Static Testing (Simple & Complex)
    • Mechanism Testing
    • Fatigue Testing – Component
    • Pressure Testing
    • High-Velocity Impact Testing
    • Static Test – Extreme Environments
    • Powertrain & Transmission Testing

Component and Sub-element Testing

  • 3,500 Kip Universal Test Machine
  • Static 3.5 M lbs
  • Fatigue 2.5 M lbs

Temperature Testing (Static & Fatigue)

  • Non-Ambient Temp. Tests (-75° - 500°F)
  • Extreme Low Temp. Tests (<75°)
  • Extreme High Temp Tests (>500°)
  • Non-Ambient Temp & Humidity Tests

Composite & Metals Testing (Static & Fatigue)

  • Standard & Non-Standard Composite Tests
  • Standard & Non-Standard Metal Tests

Materials Testing – Environmental

  • Temperature Cycling
  • Temperature & Humidity Cycling
  • Temperature Conditioning
  • Temperature & Humidity Conditioning

Experimental Mechanics

  • Full Field Displacement/Strain Measurements

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