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Choose Boeing to help you prepare your products for today’s demanding commercial and government markets. Competitively priced, timely, accurate, consistent, and repeatable test results can be the critical differences that produce sales and success.

With a passion for collaborative listening, planning, contracting, performing, and delivering, Boeing creates a tailored partnership with you to achieve your product testing goals.

Capitalize on access to Boeing’s proven engineering expertise and right-sized resources in:

Whether your testing requirements are big or small, simple or complex, short term or ongoing, well-defined or developmental, you can harness Boeing’s innovative and productive energy.

Call the Boeing Testing Services team to experience how the working-together spirit of Boeing works for you.

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Wind Tunnels & Propulsion

Wind Tunnel

How well will your product slip through the air, insulate from noise, withstand acoustic vibrations, generate a sound, or propel a load? Find out at Boeing. Boeing works with you to tailor aero testing to your needs. Boeing’s wind tunnels produce subsonic to supersonic wind and subsonic thermal conditions in chambers of various sizes to confirm your designs.

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Environmental Testing

Product developers from a wide variety of fields have come to trust Boeing for environmental testing of their valuable products in harsh and potentially damaging test environments. Boeing’s testing facilities have played a crucial role ensuring that the airliners that carry us around the globe, the automobiles that transport us daily, the satellites relaying essential information, and the military aircraft vital to defense are equal to the challenges of harsh operating conditions, including thermal extremes, vacuum, solar radiation, rain, humidity, vibration, acoustic noise, and shock.

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Electromagnetics testing lab

When you need the unquestioned results that only come from the most highly qualified testing facilities with a highly skilled and knowledgeable staff, you can be confident that Boeing will deliver the electromagnetics testing results you want. Large or small, aerospace, automotive, industrial or military, Boeing’s testing facilities can support almost any electromagnetic testing that you have. The demands of electromagnetic effects confront Boeing daily in its commercial and military markets. Capitalize on that dedicated expertise and infrastructure.

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Will your product’s structure perform as intended? Find out at Boeing. Boeing’s structures testing professionals collaborate with you to match your product’s structure requirements to Boeing’s vast array of static and fatigue testing resources. You get the results you need to succeed. No matter how big or small your structural test is, Boeing can deliver the right people and the right resources for your product’s testing.

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787 fatigue test rig

Additional Testing Services

Boeing Technology Services can provide access to more than 200 testing facilities with a wide range of capabilities and locations. If you have a testing requirement, no matter how large or small, Boeing probably has a facility that will meet or exceed your requirements.

For any testing requirements that you do not see listed here, please click the Request More Information link below to contact Boeing Testing Services for the right testing capability for your requirements.

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