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Wave Glider

Scalable and persistent monitoring for intelligent situational awareness.


Wave Gliders are long-duration ocean robots that help scientists, businesses, and governments gain new insights and improve decision making. Operating at the surface, these autonomous surface vehicles provide the essential link between sea, air, and space. They expand how we collect metocean and marine data, bridging a data and access gap previously inaccessible, and can transform subsea sensors into real-time information sources. Designed and manufactured by Liquid Robotics, the Wave Glider is the world’s most proven autonomous surface vehicle.

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Nations around the world face an increasing number of global maritime challenges – from the need to manage and protect critical ocean resources to a dramatic rise in threats to maritime borders and security. Wave Gliders operate individually or in fleets to enable a network of sensors for monitoring and data collection. By operating over the horizon and enabling real-time communications to sensors and systems below and above the sea, the platform can address needs across the following industries.

  • Defense – Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW), intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR), and other military applications.
  • Maritime Security – Maritime border protection (e.g., dark target identification), illegal fishing, trafficking and smuggling support, and marine protected area (MPA) monitoring.
  • Environmental Assessment – Metocean monitoring to support science and commercial projects for climate, weather, marine mammal tracking, and offshore energy operations.


Wave Glider Capabilities

  • Stays on mission 24/7 months (up to a year*) with innovative wave and solar power energy harvesting
  • Serves as a communications gateway in a network of manned and unmanned assets, enabling seabed to space monitoring
  • Low profile and acoustically silent operation is ideal for patrol, surveillance and environmentally sensitive missions
  • Adaptable vehicle operating system enables coordinated fleet operations
  • A single, shore-side operator can monitor and control multiple vehicles
  • Modular payload design enables simple and rapid sensor integration
  • Real-time on-board processing of in situ data to adapt missions to changing conditions

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* Max mission duration varies based on operating conditions and location

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Wave Glider Performance

  • Over 1.5 million nautical miles traveled to date with operations through doldrums and hurricanes/typhoons
  • Guinness World Record for crossing the Pacific Ocean and achieving “the longest journey of an autonomous unmanned surface vehicle on the planet”
  • In service with scientific, industrial, and defense customers around the world
  • Achieved the first detection of a manned, diesel submarine by an autonomous surface vehicle at the United Kingdom, Unmanned Warrior 2016 exercise

Learn more at www.liquid-robotics.com

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