Hospital turns to Boeing’s Crew Rostering application for staffing solution

May 08, 2020 in Community

Karolinska University Hospital staff turned to Boeing’s Crew Rostering team to adapt their technology for healthcare in order to staff emergency rooms in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Photo courtesy: Karolinska University Hospital

Health care providers all over the world are facing unprecedented patient numbers due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The intensive care unit at Karolinska University Hospital, the second largest hospital in Sweden, needed immediate help to dramatically increase medical staff rosters and recently turned to Boeing Global Services’ Digital Solutions and Analytics (DS&A) team for support.

 Jeppesen’s Crew Rostering application, part of the DS&A capability, is normally used to help commercial airlines schedule pilots and flight crews, factoring in complex data such as crew fatigue, union rules and legal regulations about flight hours.

 When contacted by the hospital, a DS&A business consulting team began adapting Crew Rostering for the hospital environment. In less than a week, the team incorporated personnel data, a “crisis situation” union agreement for providers and other factors into the tool, completed a number of optimization runs and produced over 300 individual schedules.

 “Transforming our Crew Rostering solution for a completely new sector in such rapid fashion was a remarkable achievement,” said Peter Andersson, Director of Crew Management for Boeing. “I appreciate all the work and long hours that our team gave to make this project a success. I am grateful for the support we received from our technology partner FICO with the Xpress Solver, and my heartfelt gratitude to the nurses and other personnel at Karolinska University Hospital for their efforts to care for all the COVID-19 patients.”

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For more information about how Boeing is helping relief efforts due to the COVID-19 pandemic, visit the company’s coronavirus website.

Ben Davis