Boeing since birth: Daughter’s career gives family a lift

A V-22 project manager inspired by her father’s Boeing career builds her own with the company’s Vertical Lift team.

March 28, 2023 in Defense

  Megan Graefe (right) and her twin sister, Erika Graefe, have known Boeing since birth. Graefe’s father, a retired Boeing employee, inspired her current career

Megan Graefe, a V-22 project manager, has a Boeing history that predates her career at the company. For Graefe, born and bred in the City of Brotherly Love, the Boeing Philadelphia site — home of iconic aircraft like the tiltrotor Osprey and the tandem-rotor Chinook — is a familiar place.

“I have memories of attending Philly Family Day when I was younger, which I’m sure influenced my decision to work here,” Megan said. Her father, David Graefe, worked at Boeing Philadelphia for 24 years before his retirement. However, the father-daughter duo never graced the site at the same time.

Megan’s dad went the route of Information Technology, while his daughter explored multiple avenues. Once a Boeing Finance intern in South Carolina, she then pursued a role with the company’s Business Skills Rotational Program, landing her a role in Everett, Washington.

Hovering over success

Megan’s Vertical Lift career began in 2018, with several project management roles for the V-22. In her current position, she works to support the V-22 Osprey CC-RAM (Common Configuration – Readiness and Modernization) program upgrading the U.S. Marine Corps Osprey variant, the MV-22.

“What I love most about V-22 is the ability to have so many different experiences within one program,” Megan said. “I’ve done everything from software development on the V-22 Product Development team to working in the delivery center. I’m grateful to my dad, who introduced me to a great company filled with opportunities.”

To date, thanks to the problem-solving skills of team members like Megan, Boeing has upgraded and delivered 10 of 25 aircraft to the Marine Corps, with additional deliveries scheduled through 2024.

By Quinn Marciano