Power of fun: Boeing's kite-making workshop

Children in Ukraine learn aerodynamics and teamwork, and experience the joy of flying their own kites during event.

October 17, 2023 in Community

Boeing mentors and workshop participants show off their kites in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Boeing hosted a kite-making workshop in Kyiv, Ukraine, as part of the "Taking Flight with Boeing" project. 

Teenagers participating in the Kidsave Corporate Mentoring Program "The Way to Success" — which takes care of young people who have lost their parents — had an unforgettable day, filled with excitement, education and teamwork.

Despite the ongoing challenges of the war, the Boeing teams in Ukraine have shown remarkable resilience and determination to not only continue their work, but also serve local communities. 

The event served as a reminder that even in the face of adversity, the spirit of collaboration and community support can prevail, bringing joy and a sense of togetherness to all involved.

With the guidance of Boeing mentors, the participants quickly realized that it was an opportunity to learn about aerodynamics and explore their engineering skills.

The children were amazed to discover that kites could be made from improvised materials, encouraging them to unleash their creativity. 

Stas, one of the participants, expressed his excitement, saying, "It was my first time making a kite, and it took off! It was breathtaking!" 

The workshop not only taught the children kite-making but also fostered invaluable teamwork skills. With the support of Boeing's mentors, they learned to listen, share ideas and solve problems together. 

“I firmly believe in the power of supporting youth, providing them with opportunities, and sharing knowledge to ignite their interest in the aerospace industry,” said Artur Lesnikovskyi, director, Boeing Ukraine Engineering & Technology Center. “By investing in the next generation, we not only shape their future but also ensure the continuous growth and innovation of our industry.”

Improvised materials were used to make the kites.