PROTECT, CONNECT, SUSTAIN: Enabling the Army of 2030 and 2040

October 04, 2023 in Defense

For more than a century, Boeing has proudly provided industry-leading, mission-critical capabilities for the U.S. Army. From rotorcraft and artillery to air and missile defense and training support, Boeing-built and supported products and services protect, connect and sustain Soldiers across domains around the world. We understand their needs and the environments they operate in. As the Army continues its multi-domain transformation, we remain committed to helping Soldiers fight and win — today and tomorrow.

“We’re investing in and developing next-generation, disruptive solutions and modernizing combat-tested platforms that Soldiers trust,” said Pat Burden, senior director, Army and Special Operations Forces Field Operations. “That’s how we’ll support the Secretary of the Army’s operational imperatives and help outpace increasingly sophisticated threats for the Army of 2030 and 2040.”


Soldiers need the very best capabilities to quickly converge dispersed forces, win the fires fight to enable freedom of operation in contested battlespaces, and protect against a range of air and missile threats. Here’s how Boeing is working to meet those operational imperatives:

Mass Dispersed Forces

Each version of the Apache has been the world’s most advanced and dominant attack helicopter. The next evolution — the Modernized Apache — builds on the combat-proven AH-64 platform to deliver more reach, survivability and lethality while enabling rapid capability integration via a Modular Open Systems Approach.

Thanks to continuous modernization efforts that ensure increased payload capacity, range and interoperability, the battle-tested Chinook will continue to provide superior, affordable heavy-lift capabilities for the Army. Whether supporting combat or humanitarian missions, the Chinook gets Soldiers what they need, when they need it.

Win the Fires Fight

The Boeing-Nammo Ramjet 155 is an innovative, affordable ramjet-powered artillery projectile designed to support the Army’s top modernization priority of Long Range Precision Fires. Considered a hybrid between guided artillery and missiles, Ramjet 155 utilizes an air-breathing engine design to deliver enormous range increases.

The Ground-Launched Small Diameter Bomb, or GLSDB, is rapidly deployable, adaptable and affordable Long Range Precision Fires capability jointly developed between Boeing and Saab. GLSDB integrates Boeing’s proven Small Diameter Bomb I, or SDB I, with a surfaced-based launch platform to deliver extended-range rocket artillery for operators.

Protect Forces from Air, Missile and Drone Threats

Designed for both fixed and mobile configuration, Boeing’s Directed Energy solutions provide scalable and efficient air defense against lower-tier threats in any environment. From our Compact Laser Weapon System to 300 kW-class partnership with General Atomics, we’re developing high energy laser defense against threats ranging from drones to hostile aircraft.

Boeing produces and sustains battle-tested, precision seekers for the Patriot Advanced Capability-3, or PAC-3, Missile system as a subcontractor to Lockheed Martin. The Boeing-built seekers are the “eyes” of the missile — enabling it to identify, track and intercept advanced air and missile threats.


From contested environments to the tactical edge and beyond, we’re leveraging superior technology to enhance battlespace connectivity and enable Soldiers to rapidly communicate and share data for mission-critical operations as part of the joint and combined forces — as well as tactical unmanned aircraft to allow the Army to see and sense more via enhanced intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems, or ISR.

Communicate and Share Data Rapidly

Boeing subsidiaries Insitu and Aurora Flight Sciences can help the Army better see and sense the modern battlefield. Integrator EX is designed to meet the Army’s Future Tactical Unmanned Aircraft System mission needs via modular, reconfigurable payload bays and command and control, or C2, on the move. SKIRON-X is an easily deployed small unmanned aerial system that’s easy to train and optimized for ISR missions with a flexible payload, 3-hour flight time.

  • Radio as a Service & SATCOM as a Managed Service

 Boeing’s Radio as a Service provides an expanded network of deployable, MANET/Mesh, secure 4G/5G and Wi-Fi networks for secure kits to maintain connection and communication for mission-critical operations. Our SATCOM terminals utilize a combination of commercial satellites and teleports, geographically diverse data centers and our global Multiprotocol Label Switching network to deliver mission essential services.

  • Signals Intelligence & Electronic Warfare

Our signals intelligence, or SIGINT, and electronic warfare solutions empower Soldiers with the tools they need to master the spectrum, control the narrative and achieve mission success.

  • Unified NetOps

By uniting advanced network architectures with the principles of Zero Trust, Boeing is at the leading edge of seamlessly integrating platforms, devices and communications channels through ensured data veracity for mission-critical operations.


It’s critical that industry provide the highest levels of support to the Army — whether it be before, during and after concentrated applications of force or throughout a prolonged conflict — to sustain the fight. Boeing Global Services provides unsurpassed sustainment support for our products, ranging from flight training to predictive and prognostic maintenance, to ensure optimal aircraft availability and fleet-readiness.

Sustain the Fight

  • Next Generation Product Support

Our Next Generation Product Support improves and enables agile combat readiness by via digital sustainment and training. Boeing is able to holistically address challenges and collaborate with operators globally to eliminate sustainment gaps, improve outcomes and inform planning in contested environments.

  • Next Generation Automated Test System

Boeing’s Next Generation Automated Test System is a single, mobile diagnostic testing tool. It offers real-time testing, measurement, diagnosis and fault detection for operations, logistics and predictive maintenance at the field level.

  • Training

To fully support Army aviators, Boeing delivers mission-ready aircrew and maintenance training solutions on all types of aircraft, including the Apache and Chinook, from training analysis and devices to comprehensive training centers for optimized, efficient operations.

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