My reason for giving

December 05, 2023 in Community

A young Katelynn opens presents on Christmas morning in 1992 that were donated by Boeing employees. A young Katelynn opens presents on Christmas morning in 1992 that were donated by Boeing employees.

Katelynn Rose is a BDS procurement agent based in Tukwila, Washington. She started her journey with Boeing last May. Katelynn was born and raised in Auburn, Washington. The generosity of Boeing employees jump-started her family’s tradition of giving back. Here is her story: 

Years ago, there was a young, 23-year-old single mother living in subsidized housing in the Puget Sound area. She was going to school during the day and working as a janitor at night. She was very independent and didn’t like asking for help, so she knew that Christmas wasn’t going to amount to much that year for her small family. 

At the last minute, she was approached by someone at her daughter’s daycare asking her if she would be interested in being “adopted” for the holidays. She agreed. The outpouring of kindness was unbelievable. 

A group of Boeing employees at the Auburn, Washington, site adopted their family. They showed up with a Christmas tree, food, wrapping paper and all the things this mom needed to provide a Christmas for her little girl — all the things she otherwise would not have had. 

On Christmas morning when the little girl came into the living room, she screamed with excitement and opened the many donated gifts — unwrapping box after box and tearing through bags of tissue paper for what seemed like forever. 

This was the year that everything changed for that mom. From that moment on, every chance she got an opportunity to pay it forward, that is exactly what she did. As soon as she was financially able, she started adopting families for the holidays. 

It became an annual tradition. And as soon as her little girl was old enough to understand this story, the mom shared it with her. My mom told me the story about this little girl; the little girl was me and that single mother was my mom. 

This is my first year at Boeing. I can’t begin to tell you how happy it made me to see the Spirit of the Holidays drive email encouraging employees to adopt a family or a senior. I’m so honored that my team is joining me in adopting a family in Puget Sound this year. 

I know firsthand that generosity like this truly makes a difference in people’s lives.

By Katelynn Rose

Katelynn loves being involved in the community and spends time volunteering at the Auburn Food Bank, Valley Cities and recently with YMCA of Pierce and Kitsap Counties. 

Katelynn and her colleagues adopted a military family for the holidays through Boeing community partner Greentrike.