What is Boeing AnalytX?

Before it was cool—before it was a buzzword—Boeing used its knowledge and insight of all things aerospace to drive innovation, encouraging people to dream and businesses to realize their full potential. Now it's time to put a name to the pioneering solutions of thousands of Boeing data scientists and mathematicians working to benefit the aerospace industry: Boeing AnalytX.

We believe analytics transforms data to reveal insights that empower a world of limitless possibilities.

Bringing together the portfolio of analytics-driven products and services provided by Boeing and its family of companies, Boeing AnalytX powers these and other solutions tailored for commercial and defense operators:

  • Advanced Data Collection and Processing Capabilities
  • Flight/Mission Optimization and Management (Flight Operations)
  • Fleet Performance & Reliability Analytics
  • Maintenance & Engineering Optimization
  • Supply Chain & Inventory Optimization
  • Optimized Training

The capabilities and portfolio powered by Boeing AnalytX applies sophisticated levels of data analytics to reveal relevant insights and facilitate swift decision-making. Now customers can save time and increase efficiency while reducing cost and risk.

At Boeing, we know it's not just about the data—it's what you do with it. No other aerospace company comes with the knowledge and depth to provide actionable, predictive knowledge that will drive optimization, efficiency and cost savings.

Power your operation with Boeing AnalytX.

Boeing AnalytX

Why Boeing AnalytX?

We know aerospace. From commercial airplanes and military fighter jets to satellites and space exploration, Boeing’s knowledge of design and manufacturing of all things in the air is unmatched—by anyone.

We bring solutions. Unrivaled expertise of more than 800 analytical engineers and scientists working to solve the world’s most difficult aerospace problems.

We are innovation. Imagining the impossible and making it a reality through engineering, analyzing and testing.

We have more than data. We have insight that becomes actionable intelligence to improve customer experiences, bring warfighters home safely and deliver desired outcomes.

We deliver, every day. And have for more than 100 years. Whether through on-time arrivals or completed missions, Boeing delivers outcomes and insights that are making the world a place with limitless possibilities.

IT&DA: Analytics Transforms Data into Insights

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