Keeping Boeing Firefighters safe from COVID-19

One Boeing approach helps firefighters meet COVID-19 head-on

June 11, 2020 in Commercial, Community

Boeing Security and Fire Protection (S&FP) have been on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic since the company reported its first case in Everett, Washington, on March 9. Boeing first responders have taken proactive measures to protect their employees and limit the spread of COVID-19.

Firefighters are conducting health self-assessments at home before reporting to work, and completing health assessment questionnaires prior to entering fire stations at the beginning of their shifts, according to Enterprise Assistant Chief Scott Harmier.

Each station holds open-air crew meetings, briefings, and training, and firefighters are making one-on-one contact during responses to limit potential exposure to the team.

“Boeing employees will notice a difference in the way we are providing services during this pandemic,” said Garrett Eddington, deputy fire chief, Boeing Fire, Mesa, Ariz. “We have restricted access to all our fire stations, all of our personnel are wearing facemasks, and we are following the company’s physical distancing guidance.” Eddington emphasizes that employees should do their part to stay safe and healthy. Performing home temperature checks and staying home if an employee feels sick is key.

At work, employees can choose to have their temperature checked at screening stations and follow physical distancing where possible. Mask/face covering guidance and the latest information on employee resources are available on the coronavirus website.