Nia Jetter

Meet some of the many technical experts at Boeing who are making the impossible possible.

Prolific inventors: patents from perseverance
Boeing's top inventors are spurred on by their novel ideas – and the drive to overcome setbacks.

Q&A on AI
Nia Jetter, Boeing’s domain lead for artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and data science talks about how the safe integration of AI in daily life will change the world for the better—and about the power of diversity and courage to help it happen.

A Celebration of Innovation
Boeing recently recognized its top innovators at its annual Innovation Awards event. These honorees devised technical inventions and replications that have created substantial value for the company and its customers.

    Technical Articles

    IQ’s content includes articles from the Boeing Technical Journal, a peer-reviewed periodical for Boeing subject-matter-experts to capture and leverage knowledge. Research coverage includes all manner of commercial and defense product development, as well as products and services spanning land and sea, to air and space, and through cyberspace.

    While the expansive BTJ archive remains exclusive to Boeing employees, IQ offers selected articles to all readers; these articles are indicated with a “BTJ” heading.

    Additive manufacturing insight: 3D printing matures for tooling

    Additive manufacturing insight: 3D printing matures for tooling

    While additive manufacturing (AM) may still feel like an experimental technology, it has matured far beyond the adolescent state of desktop 3D printers and plastic filament. What will it take for AM to further mature and become more viable in production systems and product life cycles?

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    BTJ: Using Statistical Process Control to Protect Allowables: A Standard Process for Qualifying Materials Suppliers

    BTJ: Using Statistical Process Control to Protect Allowables: A Standard Process for Qualifying Materials Suppliers

    This paper provides an explanation of how merging allowables methodologies with traditional statistical process control approaches can benefit the qualification process by enabling acceptable sources to qualify without sacrificing the integrity of published allowables.

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    BTJ: Model-based Trades Implementation Framework

    BTJ: Model-based Trades Implementation Framework

    Model-Based Trades Implementation Framework (MBTIF) represents a significant advancement in the conduct of trade studies in an integrated model-based engineering environment.

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    Make it much better

    Make it much better

    The maturation of silver ink processes, laser machining and 3D printing is opening the door to new ways to produce antennae, sensors and circuit boards. These new technologies can reduce the time to create some of these components from days to hours.

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    Patent Spotlight

    Patent Spotlight

    Here’s a look at a few of Boeing’s many latest ideas and technical breakthroughs recently granted or published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

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    Thought Leadership

    Brian Klein, Director, IP Portfolio Strategy and Development

    Brian Klein
    Director, IP Portfolio Strategy and Development

    Inventions that change the world, over and over again
    Technology may be impressive, but innovation creates value by solving a problem, says Greg Hyslop, Boeing chief engineer.

    Other Thought Leadership Columns

    Our inventions, our future
    From patents to trade secrets, there are obvious and not-so-obvious reasons why intellectual property protection is important for the continued innovation and success of industry.

    Learning from spiders
    Boeing researchers in Australia share what they’ve learned from orb spiders about 3D printing.

      Technology Radar

      Dayton, Ohio

      The Air Force Research Laboratory has developed a transparent aluminum-based ceramic to create lighter armor with ballistic protection more superior than traditional glass laminates.

      Transparent Aluminum

      Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

      Computer vision researchers at Carnegie Mellon and other research institutions have applied special light sources and sensors to advance non-line-of-sight imaging techniques of small scale objects.

      See around corners

      Hanover, New Hampshire

      TNew research from Dartmouth College has provided evidence that people learn better when they see an object before hearing its description.

      Professors, take note

      Madrid, Spain

      A humanoid robot developed by Universidad Carlos III de Madrid scientists has communicated with deaf people using sign language.

      Robots using sign language

      Lausanne, Switzerland

      Inspired by trap-jaw ants, Swiss robotics engineers have created tiny origami robots that, though untethered and autonomous, can communicate and act together as a “colony” greater than the individual.

      Robot ants, unite!


      Researchers at the National University of Singapore have discovered that incorporating conductive “metamaterials” into clothing creates surface waves of energy that glide around the body on clothes, which could significantly improve the battery life of wearable devices.

      Conductive clothing

      Mountain View, Calif.

      NASA’s KickSat-2 satellite deployed more than 100 chip-sized “Sprite” satellites earlier this year, demonstrating the low-cost potential of these tiny spacecrafts for collecting data from space, as well as Earth’s mesosphere.

      Ankle Exoskeleton Nashville, Tennesse

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